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in LeoFinancelast month

If people missed them and want to catch up on the Hive core developer meetings, they were recorded by @howo, and there are nine of them. Most of the stuff presented is of a technical nature, but I still found them interesting to listen to. I am hoping there will be a meeting on Monday, and that we may hear more about the HF24.

@blocktrades is the lead on the update/HF, so a follow is a good Idea, when time permits the people behind the @hiveio account also try to put information out.

Being decentralized it can be hard to find and keep up with ongoing changes. I use the peakd list function quite a lot, a couple of the list I have been creating for myself are witness, and Dev Type, they are where I add people I feel most of the chain updates are going to come from.


Yep, there is information out there, but the problem is that one has to know where to find it and who to follow. I think there should be a very basic and simple update announcement just to remind people what is going on.

I agree there, just pin one notice, and don't go over board on the pinning like the idiots did over on steemit. A simple post, containing the names of the people working on the HF's and what is being worked on, and what chat-system they are using to take questions.

A list of names would be great, because then we could build our HF Dev list and make it easy to see when things have been updated. So far I think I only have 8 developers on my Dev List.

Yep - simple and stupid - so I understand it :D