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RE: DHEDGE Dividends - DATA and CHARTS + Python Codes Inside

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Yes I hold a small amount, and would like to know my data.

Also I did not know I could just send in a wallet transaction, since I have been buying from the H-E market, do I need to include a wallet memo or anything? or will you just take the 5 Hive and make it into Dhedge?

I am enjoying learning about all these Index funds.


This is how much you have got totally from Jan 1 to Jan 23 .


And yes you can directly send the hive or the tokens I have mentioned in the post to @discohedge . No Memo required .

You can also buy from H-E too , check the rates on discord to see which is better and then make the move. Hope this helped.

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While not large amounts they are still some and over time will grow.

Definitely. I will try to post about when you will break-even .

That will always be a changing number, mostly I plan on letting them sit, but still buy some and increase the amount I own, like I plan with the few other index type funds I own.

Still a break even point of owning 100 would be nice.

Yeah that is what I will do . I will try to take account holders of 100 and 1000 and 10k , will see the recent dividends for them and calculate .

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