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RE: The income of irrelevancy

in LeoFinance3 years ago

In regards to Steem, the lesson that needs to be taken from any of this is that in order to attract and keep people here, it isn't about the value of STEEM or the distribution mechanisms, it is about providing spaces where a person can feel relevant.

Perhaps one day someone at Steem will see, read and understand this, until then though we still have those random, meaningless down votes.

We can see this on Steem as well and it is most obvious in the negative as people get downvoted and suddenly feel attacked, even if the downvote is random and valueless.

It is the random meaningless valueless down vote that perturbs people the most, it is easy to understand a down vote for excessive rewards, or to understand a particular users dislike for a particular system, but the total and complete randomness is what people really do not like.

When there is no ways or means to fight back then we are left with that "what does it matter attitude", I can do nothing, and we end up with corruption, just like in any government where the ability for the people to take action is removed from them.


I think people identify themselves far too often with random events and the opinions of others. It is all well and good to do what you want and live for yourself, but that is not the case when one is triggered by a million external actions from strangers.

Yes, people need to at the very least feel like they have an impact on the direction of their lives, yet time and time again, when given the chance to take responsibility - we outsource it to authorities - platforms, corporations, governments, gods.