Hive Blockchain & Lion Entangled with the Earth by Threads

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A new era of digital art is here and it is here to stay!

I only entered a few words, added little tweaks, added the right colors, and boom, midjourney ai came up with this spectacular piece of art! It's a connection between Hive, Leo, and the Earth. I didn't expect such a masterpiece!

How to try it yourself for free?

Make sure you have a discord account. The bot works through discord so that's the only way to access it.

  1. Go to and press ''join the beta'', you'll be invited to the discord group
  2. Go to one of the newbie channels - you have 25 free images to try (after that there are two subscriptions available, $10 - 200 images, and $30 - unlimited images.)
  3. Type /image prompt and then write whatever comes to your mind
  4. Experiment and have fun but remember - it gets addictive

How I created the Hive & Lion Thread artwork

At first I wrote: ''hive blockchain entangled with the earth by threads''

The results were pretty interesting but I wanted to get the colors right and I forgot to mention a lion.

Note - each prompt gives you 4 different images. From there you can choose to either upscale (U) or make variations (V)

first tries.PNG

Then I wrote: blockchain hive and lion entangled with earth by threads, red, black, orange

From here, I enjoyed the first result the best so I decided to both - upscale it and make variations out of it. Out of the variations, I fell in love with the third one and decided to upscale it as well.

You can also see that I'm adding --q 2 to each prompt, which doubles the quality and there are more shortcuts that you can check afterwards

second tries.PNG

Here are both of the artworks upscaled. In the end, I chose the one you see featured and I think it's phenomenal!



List of 200+ keywords + examples for different styles of images
Tips to prompting

The end word

What do you think about this? Do you think it's okay to sell artwork created by AI? How long until we can no longer recognize what is created by a human and what by AI? In the end, someone programmed the ai, right? So that would mean it's all their work.

PS. Midjourney allows you to do anything you want with the pictures and you only need to buy a corporate account if your revenue is bigger than $1M/year.

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This is so cool and scary at the same time. I'm sure they must have some terms of service that prevent you from profiting from the images generated by their proprietary AI.
I could be wrong but that's usually the case.
Ps: The image is amazing, good work guiding the AI to print a masterpiece.

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You can profit if you can get someone to buy, haha!


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Lol interesting stuff. I can’t imagine how improved it’ll be in a couple of years.

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Damn, this is really cool. Is there any way to buy a subscription without joining the Discord?

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No, I don't think so. Discord is the only way for now.

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Pretty awesome, loving it! Great work mate!

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Has your twitter account been compromised?