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Every time a new technology is announced one question arises: can we trust it?

Some technologies are really disruptive, and can really change the way human beings relate to each other, the way they do business and exchange information. That's why there's need of understanding blockchains to shape their path towards the future, and understand their potential, their needs and their risks.

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A friend of mine just let me discover this little precious gem, is a mobile only interactive documentary: a sort of experiment, which I like very much, where you can interact with different interviews of many expert in the field of blockchains.

The documentary brings toghther a diverse group of perspectives from design, cryptography, economy and more, to brighten the future of society with the blockchain.

Produced by Amsterdam based Submarine Channel, the documentary is extremely well designed, with a kind of revolutionary approach to UI and UX, I strongly reccomend to watch it if you are a fan of technology and web based storylines.

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