What is Web 3.0?

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If you're a hive user, whether old or new you've probably heard or seen the word web 3.0 when referring to hive. Majority of the time I see it on Twitter or other traditional (Web 2.0) social platforms. I knew traditional media platforms were called web 2.0, and decentralized platforms like hive were called web 3.0 but recently I found out that there's more to web 3.0 than just decentralization. So in this post I'll be doing my best to explain web 3.0 such that it's easy to understand.


The Beginning (Web 1.0)

Before I can explain web 3.0 I have to start from the beginning, so it would be easier to understand.

Web 1.0 is the first generation of the world wide web. Web 1.0 was also called read-only web, this is because it consisted of only static pages of information. You simply log on, learn what you want, and log off. There was little to no interaction with the web.


The present (Web 2.0)

This was when the web started getting interesting. In web 1.0 we only learnt from the web, but in Web 2.0 we not only learn from the web, the web also learns from us. This gave rise to various social media platforms. By interacting with the web through likes and other methods the web was able to gather information about us so that it served us better. This is why my Twitter feed and your Twitter feed can never be the same. We both consume different types of content, therefore our feed is personalized to suit us. This was a huge step forward, it bettered web 1.0 in almost all aspects, but along with web 2.0 came centralization.

The centralized companies who own these web 2.0 platforms began to sell our information to advertising companies. This is how targeted ads came about.

Other than targeted ads, all the data that Is being collected is stored in only one server. So if it fails, that's a huge problem.

Then there's also the fact that on web 2.0 platforms, the centralized company has the right to censor and remove anyone or anything they do not like.


The Future (Web 3.0)

Now in web 1.0 you are simply a consumer, in web 2.0 you are a user. Sure you can post and delete, and all, but you don't have total control of your account. But in web 3.0 you have full ownership of your content.

Web 3.0 makes use of block chain technology, so it can't be controlled by anybody. As a result your personal data is safe from the hands of centralized companies who sell them.

Content you put on web 3.0 platforms cannot be taken down because these platforms make use of multiple servers (for example hive has various nodes). So even if one server is taken down it wouldn't matter because you can simply change to another and it's there.

Now another major feature of web 3.0 is the fact that it gives people the ability to make changes to the platforms. Web 3.0 platforms make use of something called a Decentralized Autonomous Organization popularly called a DAO.

Usually in organizations when a decision is to be made, those who have a share in the company sit down and make an agreement on the next step that is to be taken. Once the decision is agreed upon, it is implemented. Now a DAO is a smart contract that works in a similar way to this, but instead of shareholders they are tokens (governance tokens). Each token is a vote, and the people with more of the tokens have a greater say in the outcome. This gives the tokens a use case and a price. I'm pretty sure hive makes use of DAO's when we vote for proposals and witnesses.

Probably one of the most liked features of web 3.0 is anonymity. With web 3.0 platforms you can do pretty much anything even make monetary transactions without revealing your identity.


These are the major differences between web 3.0 and its predecessors. But have it in mind that these are still the early days. There's still room for improvements. All of us making use of web 3.0 platforms now are looking at the future of social networks. Soon we'll go mainstream and enjoy the benefits of getting in early.


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Wow, it would and nice to operate with web 3 but are there no disadvantages of web 3?
Came via @dreemport.

Can't really think of anyone, but statistically speaking, since there's free speech there should be a lot of hate speech. I'm not sure about other's, but here on hive there's little to non.

When web 3.0 goes mainstream there may be a bit more, if measures are not created to limit it. Besides, there's already lot of hate speech on web 2.

Other than that, I can't really think of any disadvantage. More may surface in the future though, you know how humans are.


Yeah, that's normal though.
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Amazing post you have here bro.
As a Boss wey you be.

I think this is also very sharable.

Hey @jaydr long time, thanks for stopping by and also sharing.

You described the differences really well. There are many who don't grasp what Web 3.0 and DAO are all about, so well done on this post!

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Great job explaining the difference between 2.0 and 3.0 to all the new users around here. Thanks for the great post 😁.

Thanks for reading, hope you understood that's if you didn't already know.

Understood the basics, but learned quite a bit. Thanks a lot ❤️.

Fabulous @b0s ...what a neat article to explain the differences so succinctly. You make things easy to understand. We need a lot more of this kind of writing on the platform. Not dumbed down, just user-friendly so that the average Hiver can understand what is going on. !ALIVE !PIZZA I found your post through Dreemport.

Thank you, I did my best to make it as easy to understand as possible.


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This is easily understood and worth the read. This is a good job, of explaining the 2.0 and 3.0 web. Ot sounded strange to me at first but reading further made it clearer.

@dreemport brought me here.

I'm glad I was able to make you understand

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Wow! I have never come to understand this web of a thing. I have been hearing about it but do not know what it means and I never tried asking around too. Lol
I am glad I came across this post to understand what it truly stands for.

And again, I am here to encourage you and remember if you have done your exercises. Did you start with drinking of water? Your personal goals? Don't forget, my partner 😉

I'm glad I was able to explain it to you.

I'm almost done with my daily tasks, heading over to your post now.

Good. I just you come around. Thanks
Do have a wonderful night.

You just taught me what Google couldn't with their big big grammar and unnecessarily long articles. Thank you.

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Great post!

Well, i think that web 1.0 is more similar to the new web 3.0 for what concerns about anonimity

Yes. But you can't interact with web 1.0. With Web3 you can interact and still be anonymous

Nice explanation, thank God we are moving with the trend. How are you doing today? How are the tasks for the week's challenge, how you are finding them interesting? I stopped by to encourage you.
Best regards on behalf of dreemport

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Solid explanation, and good for people new to these concepts. Nice work!


Nicely summarized !

I first got to know about web3 by December last year and I have ever been increasing my interest in it since.

That's good to know. Hopefully you learnt one or two from this.

Aren't web3 dapps in fact called protocols? Correct me if I'm wrong, and explain the difference between a platform and a protocol? Just curious. Thanks for an awesome post!

Platforms are the apps, or dapps, while protocols are the rules governing said dapp or app.

Cheers! Ain't it a bit confusing since lot of dapps are called protocols instead of platforms?

Great explanation! Web 3 for the win!

Indeed 😁

I can't wait for web 3.0. I think it will start showing up slowly, gain momentum, and show up in a hurry. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, we are in the early days of web 3 it can only go up from here