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Not everything on Hive is great and there is a lot of work to be done, but this isn't promiseware and it isn't vaporware, it is a fully-fledged, functioning and innovative blockchain, with a working and engaged community and a growing ecosystem of applications that are built on the Hive infrastructure and integrated with a tokenized economy that can support a wide range of usecases such as blogging, gaming and financial services. But most importantly, Hive is a place that is looking to support the community - off and on the blockchain - now and in the future.

Thank you for this piece of information... Didn't realize hive requires hardwork until now... I'm a newbie and it has been quite difficult posting, making comments and engaging in communities, I don't even know why I'm lazy but reading this and seeing people like you who has been here for 4years and doing so well! I'm really inspired to take this seriously... I've actually learnt alot from hive especially about crypto and Blockchain and I hope to learn more and be more involved...


Pretty much anything of monetary value requires hard work because if it was easy, anyone would do it and it wouldn't be scarce. Hive is easy to participate in and has a lot of intrinsic value depending on your preferences - but to earn HIVE well, generally takes effort as there is a competition on resources.

but to earn HIVE well, generally takes effort as there is a competition on resources

Yes... I noticed this, thanks alot!