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RE: Blockchain Gaming: It's time to confuse machine learning.

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Bots are a plague in gaming and having systems created in the beginning of a game to instantly route them out sounds good but how would the anti-cheat know which accounts were botting if there are no benchmarks before hand? A lot of innocent players might get destroyed and that could tarnish the developers reputation. I agree that making a game complex is a great way to dissuade bots from propagating but not every Developer will want to create that type of dApp.

Creating anti-cheat systems and having them deactivated when the game launches and slowly activate each one as issues being to occur with bots could work, that way the system is already made and if it doesn't have to be used then that's one less thing for a real player to worry about.

You bring up some interesting points and I thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter.