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RE: Should I Buy an Oculus Quest 2? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

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This is a great lo-down review. (We’re thinking of getting a VR headset for the family to use, I think the kids would love it as well as us, maybe for Xmas)

I see your reasonable reservations for buying it just for HiveFest, although I’m sure it would get plenty of use after too if you found the right use case.
Depreciation is something I consider too, you’re right that unless it’s immaculate boxed condition I’m not sure you’d get more than 60% back.

What sort of games and activities are available for the headset - did you research in to that side of things? Are all games free or an extra expense?

If you do go for it I’d love to read your thoughts.
Ace stuff!


I didn't research into games at all I'm afraid, I'm more likely to use it for things such as virtual events - but I doubt I'd use it much after Hive Fest!

I think if you have kids it's a different matter - probably well worth the money, but you'd need multiple for max entertainment!

Black Friday deals may be worth looking out for!

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Good call on Black Friday deals!