Preserving Tradition: Technology's Role in the Conservation of Antique Silver Objects in Iran

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Many commodities have changed throughout the world's era, introducing new and latest things. However, there are some antique and old items that were made more than a century ago, but when you loot at them, you will fall in love with them and be drawn to all of them.



We can see that as technology advances, it is erasing old and antique items, but there are some that will never be lost because of religious activities. Regardless of how much technology improves and develops on a daily basis, it will never have an impact on religion or the things associated with religion.



The preservation and conservation of antique silver objects can be improved with the aid of technology. New strategies and methods are being created as technology develops to help safeguard these historical artefacts and make sure they are preserved for future generations. One illustration of this is the creation of thorough records of antique silver objects using digital imaging and 3D scanning, which enables conservators to keep track of their condition and make any necessary repairs.

Likewise, new conservation materials and methods have been created as a result of advancements in materials science that can help antique silver objects age more slowly and avoid further damage. In general, technology is becoming more and more significant in the conservation of antique silver objects, aiding in the preservation of the past and ensuring that these historical artefacts are accessible to future generations for enjoyment and education.




With this title in mind, I thought I'd share some antique silver items made in Iran. These are the things that are still alive, and technology has had no effect on them because, as previously stated, this is a religious issue. The advancement of technology has both protected and harmed some old antiques. But whenever I focused on old things, I discovered antique metals, nickels, silver, and many other protected items associated with religion.

Here are some antique silver items that I found in the Iranian city of Mashad. This country is more religious, and there are many old and traditional things that you will enjoy if you visit. Iran is more famous for its culture and tradition, and the Iranian people place a high value on their antiques, especially when they come into contact with #silver.



Today's post features an antique made silver "HIZR E JAWAD a.s" religious item. This is a special Dua for the Islamic religion, and they believe it is the Dua (Supplication) of Hazrat Jawad, which is full of blessings for humans. These duas are packaged in #silver rings or #silver hangings that are hung on the cloth's shoulder.

The dua translation is as follows:

Translation :

"Oh Allah, forgive my sins and guide me to Your straight path, and help me against all that is difficult for me, and do not leave me with any sin except that You forgive it. Oh Allah, do not make this world my ultimate goal, but what is my provision. Oh Allah, and do not leave me in misguidance on the Day of Resurrection, Oh Allah, and do not make them prevail over me. Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from everything that harms me and from everything that harms my ultimate goal. Oh Allah, make my ultimate goal good, and make me among those whom You love."


It is a prayer for assistance, guidance, and protection from the difficulties of this world. When a person is in trouble or has many difficulties in life, they are advised to wear the Silver Hizr e Jawad ring, which will help them release the difficulties and also bestow blessings on them. This Dua, which is covered in silver, comes in a variety of designs.

I only have two types of this Dua that is #silver coated. One is in the form of a ring, while the other is in the form of a pendant. Other applications include wearing it as a necklace, tightening it around the muscles, and storing it in a pocket. These two are the most well-known in Islam and are completely coated in genuine silver. Except for Iran, these antiques are not found anywhere else in the world.



When I was in Iran, I bought these silver items that piqued my interest, and when I looked at them, they shone brightly. I inquired about these silvers with the shopkeeper, who informed me about them and their benefits. After hearing about the benefits of Hizr e Jawad, I became even more interested and decided to purchase some of these, which were quite expensive. These items are expensive because they are made of silver and are numbered as antiques.


Antiques have a high value and are expensive all over the world. Not many people spend their money on antiques, but there are some who collect #Silver, #Nickel, and #Metal antiques and buy them without considering the price. I, too, am a fan of #antique items, particularly those made of silver. I also have knowledge of genuine silver, which when rubbed on the hands produces black lines, indicating that it is genuine silver.

I have photos of the Antique #Silver Hizr E Jawad in two forms that I have shared with you. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the story. If you enjoyed the post, please leave feedback in the comments section so that the next one will be even better. Thank you for sticking with me until the end.


REMEMBER: We should prepare for the unexpected and hope for the best. Life may not be easy, but you must do your best and leave the rest to God.

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Silver tends to get milk spots sometimes. Technology can preserve it better !

Correct, silver is prone to developing milk spots, but newer storage and preservation technologies can help prevent this issue.

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Very nice jewlery I would love to learn some of these methods to get more life out of the jewlery I have

Great! There are various methods to care for and extend the life of jewelry, such as regular cleaning, avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals, proper storage, and professional maintenance. You can look into these methods and find the ones that best suit your jewelry collection.

sorry for late reply 😔

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