Can fusion energy be used

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I read @taskmaster4450's "Geo-Thermal Heating Begins" article and commented on it.
My comment was

not only geothermal, but also started studies on fusion energy, such as the experiment called artificial sun in china

@taskmaster4450le rightly asked the following questions

Fusion energy is always talked about but how commercially viable is it? Are we getting any closer to a product that can hit the market?

I did a research on these questions, what stage was reached in the studies on fusion energy.

It's been a long post, I hope you like it

Coming into the new year
that is, as the Earth completes one more revolution around the Sun.
we all We stayed up late, had fun, at night when the clocks show 12
We all hugged each other and celebrated that happy moment together.
What allows us to stand and stay until those hours
was our energy.

I am not talking about the life energy within us.
Lighting the bulbs in our homes
I'm talking about electrical energy.

It is really hard to believe that such an opportunity did not exist just a hundred years ago.

Because it didn't exist, people used to go to bed when the sun went down and get up when the sun came up.

But now our energy
that we keep in glass like this
we have tiny little suns so we can stay up late.

But some just don't sit still

they are working

In 2022, just before the Sun begins to rise above the Eastern horizon

again in the East, an artificial sun began to warm in China.

This artificial sun worked for 1056 seconds at five times the temperature of the real Sun.

At 70 million degrees.

I have stressed the word East especially and constantly, because this is the name of the Chinese experiment:

EAST. It means East in English.

It stands for "Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak."

Yes, the last word is 'tokamak', like 'tokmak', which is very catchy.

This is one of the experiments to solve the energy problem in the world.

and it is called "artificial sun" for the public to understand better.

Because the system is designed to artificially produce the sun's energy on Earth.

How is energy normally produced?

Simply put, the wheel of the bicycle is spinning.

and the dynamo over there
converts mechanical energy into electrical energy,

You light the coal and heat the water;
you turn the heated water into steam,

with great pressure in that steam
The pistons move the wheels and thus energy is produced.

Don't mind if I explain it so simply, this seemingly simple concept has closed an era.

started a new one.

The emergence of steam engines operating on this simple principle
It led to the "Industrial Revolution".

This revolution is still going on in waves.

Nowadays, there is talk of the fourth industrial revolution, but in my opinion;

this is not a revolution but rather 'evolution'.

A new version: Industry 4.0

On the other hand, the major nations of the world
they are after a new real revolution.

Because those who pioneer this will be the leaders of the new age.

controlling energy,
It controls the world.

Being aware of this fact
For more than half a century, studies have been carried out on the new energy revolution.

That EAST experiment in China that I just told you about.

It must be read within this great framework.

This "Tokamak" also comes from Russian and it is also an acronym, an

It means "toroidal chamber with magnetic coil".

I mean, it's a bagel-like environment.

Soviet physicists made the first examples of this all the way back in the 1950s.

To get the fusion energy.

That's since then

It is the dreams of many nations to be able to make this type of energy and fusion reactors.

Now, when we say such a reactor, especially a nuclear reactor or something, we all think

including Chernobyl.

Issues such as various dangers, radioactive wastes and environmental pollution come up very rightly.

All these, namely the nuclear reactors that currently exist on earth
fission reactors.

Because in such reactors, the nucleus of the atom is broken down and a fission type of energy is obtained.

There's also nuclear fusion. Again, it is about the nucleus of the atom -it means nuclear nucleus-

There Hydrogen atoms collide, combine and turn into Helium atoms.

but here the core is not fragmented, on the contrary, it is combined.

Just like in the Sun.

The sun is a huge nuclear fusion reactor.


sun every second

It turns 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium, releasing a tremendous amount of energy

but how?

Since the sun has a huge mass, there is also a huge gravitational pull there.

That's the huge gravitational pull

especially in the core of the sun

o provides the ideal conditions to create fusion, fusion and unification.

But the same conditions
It is very difficult to provide in the world.

For more than half a century, many methods have been trying to achieve this.

and among all these methods, the most realistic and plausible method I have just mentioned to you;

thought to be the "tokamak" method

The "Tokamak" is an experimental machine designed to harness fusion energy.

At extreme temperatures, electrons are separated from their nuclei.

and becomes plasma, the ionized state of matter.

This plasma consists of charged particles, namely positive nuclei and negative electrons.

very weak environments, a million times less dense than the air we breathe.

Fusion plasmas provide an environment where light elements can fuse and produce energy.

Here in this "Tokamak" machine, which is designed like a vacuum bagel,

The energy obtained through the fusion of atoms, that is, their fusion, is absorbed as heat on the walls of the container.

Just like in conventional power stations

they will use this high heat to produce steam and

With it, they will run turbines, generators and produce electricity.

So why hasn't anyone done anything for 60-odd years?

because a problem
Solving it theoretically is not enough.

Otherwise, everyone with a mouth speaks like me... The important thing is;

The important thing is that;
to apply practically

and to try a lot for that,

You have to take a lot of risks.

More than 100 trials to date

fusion energy was produced, but more energy was spent to produce it.

You can think of it as using two light bulbs of energy just to light this light bulb.

In this case
There is such a thing as "Q value"

It becomes 0.50, so it stays below 1.

If you use one bulb of energy to light a light bulb, then Q equals one.

If you put forth
If you can't get more,

Then this job has no practical or economic value, does it?

If you take one step and take two steps back, will you be progressing?


Here is China
last year in 2021
took two steps.
He first conducted a 120 million-degree experiment in May and managed to keep the reactor at that temperature for 101 seconds.

And last week, it did the experiment, this time at a relatively low temperature of 70 million degrees, but

It managed to keep it at this temperature for 1056 seconds, more than 17 minutes.

This is a record.

A very important milestone.

As I said, the place of this experiment is China,

but actually the experiment was carried out as part of a much larger project.

The ITER project…

This is not just about China, it is an international project.

You know, when we always talk about the International Space Station ISS,

You can think of it like the ISS on earth.

Not in space
An organization established to research clean, sustainable and highly efficient energy production methods.

I specifically liken it to the ISS. On the other hand,

We can also liken it to the "Large Hadron Collider" at CERN, which is one of the biggest scientific projects on earth.

Because ITER
It's getting ready to conduct one of the biggest, most ambitious scientific experiments of all time.

Since 2010 they have been building a massive nuclear fusion reactor on 42 hectares of land in the south of France.

Of all the "tokamaks" built there since the 1950s, much larger than the one used in the most recent EAST experiment in China.

This is a 23000 ton machine.

Considering that even the Eiffel Tower weighs 7300 tons, it is more than three times that.

To create the magnetic field inside this "tokamak"

100,000 km of superconducting wires were used.

They will start the main reactor and start the first tests in 2025.

So what will happen in these tests?

It's going to get pretty hot.

The surface temperature of the sun is 6000°C

The temperature of its core is 15 million°C.

The temperature reached in the experiment conducted in China last week as part of this huge project

It was 70 million°C.

If the target temperature when this project comes to life in 2025

It will be 150 million°C.

It is ten times hotter than the core of the Sun, the hottest point.

More importantly, there was the Q value that expresses that efficiency,

The maximum value of 0.67 could now be achieved.

him too
not to 1,
They aim to increase it to 10.

In the short term, their goal is to deliver 50 MW of energy for 400 to 600 seconds and obtain 500 MW of fusion power.

So who are they?
Who are the people who will try to obtain this revolutionary energy power and then control it?
This job cannot be done with such people or families.
Only countries can come together and carry out such a big project.
That's why I gave you CERN and ISS as an example.
The total cost of this project is expected to be around 45 to 65 billion dollars.
those predictions can go too high
And only countries can come together to invest such amounts in such a risky scientific experiment.
That's what happened here.
especially in China,
South Korea, the United States and Russia are already the leading countries in the world in this fusion energy research.
They have been working independently on these issues for years.
In fact, there is a project called SPARC, which Bill Gates supports financially at MIT University in the USA.
They also made a very important progress last September.
While they work in this way within themselves, they also
even collaborating with its arch rivals Russia and China in this ITER project
They are looking for ways to obtain fusion energy.
Added to these are Japan and India.
Taking very important steps towards becoming the super power and super state of the future in India,
especially in energy
one of the countries trying to have a say.

The last partner of the project is the European Union and of course the 27 countries affiliated with it,
I mean, even Cyprus is among them.
Why am I saying this?
Because these member countries that contributed to the project, because of the percentage of scientific results.
and they will benefit from all the intellectual property produced.
Our neighbors are Greece, Bulgaria,
Russia on the other side, Cyprus at the bottom, all...
Even the UK, which decided to leave the European Union with Brexit, did not abandon this project,
He decided not to leave the annotation.
Even Kazakhstan made a technical cooperation agreement in 2017 and tried to be involved in this project somehow.
In total, 35 countries contribute. Because what we said:
managing energy,
He rules the world.
theoretically studied since the 1950s,
Introduced as a project since 1985,
Such innovative ideas built since 2010
Can't we hold one end?
I know that these projects are very risky and long-term in terms of investment, and the returns will not be immediate.
But in the future, to make huge gains
Shouldn't it be necessary to engage in such risky investments somehow?
Wouldn't it be beneficial to at least focus and direct human resources on such innovative energy fields?
I'm looking at those people working on the last experiment China did,
they are all young.
Potentially, they are no different from us in intelligence.
Is the difference in awareness?
In the last century, in such small jars
We placed the energy.
as we want it,
on and off
We have the power to control.
We are now talking about the possibility of placing the Sun in the same jar this century.
Yes, that's what fusion energy means.
and yes fusion energy has been promising a lot over the years
and it hasn't done anything very concrete yet.
It's still in its infancy.
But it is described by scientists as the "ultimate clean energy source".
That's exactly why
that is for fusion, that is, to be able to combine two atoms
Thousands of people from 35 countries speaking 40 different languages
he is working hard day and night, without saying the end of the year, Christmas.
Because the power that emerges when atoms combine,

from the power that comes out when you smash it
many times more. more

I guess that's how nature tries to give us a quiet message.