Signal is trolling Mark Zucker Berg for using Signal

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This may seen ridiculous but in the latest Facebook hacking contacts of millions of users including Mark Zuckerberg, who has founded being using signal app.
They have ridiculed mark on using signal app.
I think this is not good. Even whatsapp has security problems but that doesn’t mean that Mark doesn’t have the right to use signal.

This can also be a misrepresentation. Many things can be possible.
We all are waiting for 15th April when whatsapp will release their new privacy terms.

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In the leak of 530 million users data, Zuckerberg's details such as his name, birth date, location, marriage details, and Facebook user ID were also revealed in the compromised data. He respects his own privacy and may be that is the reason he gave whatsapp a miss and downloaded signal. Irony but logical.

Hahahha! Thats true!
This is boosting signal to becoming most downloaded app.

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Absolutely, they lack some basic features but it will not affect their progress in the time to come