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I want to make this article showing everything that the project of autonomous cars and flying cars contains and why I think it is or not possible, anyway I invite you to after you read my reflection about this technology, share with me what you think .

We have been seeing flying and autonomous cars for a long time in movies like blade runner, the fifth element, back to the future, etc. Research and development has been carried out since then. Today I see great possibilities seeing so many important investors behind these projects, in my opinion money will not be lacking.

The need for such technology is evident given the chaos that exists in large and medium-sized cities in the world, almost all of us who read these lines have done so, endless traffic jams that translates into fewer hours to share with the family and develop different work activities

It's possible? In my opinion it is, since this technology is in the perfect scenario, a disruptive time in which many ideas are maturing. The internet of things lot the 5g that is a fact and begins to establish If we analyze this graph that I quote, it places us at the beginning, the way to go is long,


City and flying cars
the city has always been changing throughout history, the horse, the car, the helicopter, airplane etc, airport stables arise, with the flying and autonomous car it is the same, supply sensors, landing area etc.

[source](If flying cars existed, obviously we would have to add an extra dimension in which you would have to take care of yourself all the time, because a car could fall on you. These vehicles would have to operate on automatic pilot and be protected against the most adverse weather conditions).

The autonomy in the vehicles is quite close with the implementation of 5g, by increasing the data latency the possibilities are abysmal, likewise every day the advances in artificial intelligence are more significant which means that the technology that is needed so that this car can taking you to your destination without any inconvenience is closer. When driving there are countless variables and obstacles that the autonomous car will have to overcome.

We see headlines in magazines, television, the internet. the flying car in 4 years, the smart car is already here but we must be reflective in terms of investments in stocks in the case of the flying car in my concept there is still some time, 10 or 15 years to make it a reality, as before Mention, such a project has to be part of a whole and not be seen as an isolated project.



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