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RE: Steem: The world's largest Choose-your-own-adventure

in LeoFinance3 years ago

Hmmm... This was a really interesting read. I feel very similar and the potential applications and implications are not just staggering, but, also I think unknown... This appears to be somewhat new territory and I'm curious to see what develops.

The gamification aspect really intrigues me especially as I started a lil contest on here around two years ago and it's been one of the most fascinating and enjoyable experiences of my life, I wish I could somehow show people the possibilities who are still stuck on Facebook and traditional social media... Yet, so many of them just don't seem to get it and are happy with less. Hopefully someday they get it and we collectively move towards more "empowering" options like steem. I like that pic at the end there that says "empowered by steem" that's perfect! It really is an empowering platform in many ways and in significant ways which older traditional social media are not.

I'm not sure if we've talked before, but, I've seen your name around a number of times and actually bookmarked one of your older posts that I still plan on responding to, I just got super busy and haven't got back to it yet, it was partly about people's attention spans and news cycles and such and it was worded in a way that really made me think deeper. So... That's two posts now where you've got me thinking and I appreciate it! Thanks for sharing. :)