RollerCoin a game where you can earn cryptocurrencies

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Rollercoin is an RPG in which you can become a virtual cryptocurrency miner. In this simulator, you can build your own farm to mine and generate real cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE).

How to create your farm


Once you have registered and configured your avatar, this will be your room. Here you will start to build your own mine.

On the left side of your room, you will see the control panel, where you can find:

Electricity: shows the electricity consumption of your miners.

My power: it is the mining power that you have. Here you can also configure how to distribute the mining power among the 3 different mining pools of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

Network computing power: is the total computing power of the entire RollerCoin network, plus each mining pool. Clicking on the date will display a list containing the individual values for each group.

Block reward: the amount of cryptocurrency generated in each block every 5 minutes. Remember, we are not talking about actual mining.

Exp Reward: It is the approximate value that you will obtain each time you extract a block. If you increase the mining power, this value will increase

How do you get your cryptocurrency mining equipment


Now we are going to buy mining equipment and start mining. To see the list, you need to go to the shopping cart icon and select the miner.

Here you don't have to worry about which miner is mining which cryptocurrency; In RollerCoin, all miners mine all cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is manage the mining power you want for each cryptocurrency.

Now, to buy, you just need to click on the miner you want, and when you click to buy, it will automatically be placed in a rack with available space. After the purchase, you will immediately start generating Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Get mining power with minigames


As I said at the beginning, if you don't want to spend money on racks and miners, you can use the mini-games in RollerCoin to get mining power around the clock.

The minigames can be found in the games section of the top menu.

Each game has 3 variables: difficulty, time and reward. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward, but in turn, the game will be more complicated.

All games start with difficulty 1, which is the first bar that comes with each game. This bar will increase with your game, especially every 3 levels or every time you reach the maximum score 3 times.

Another interesting difficulty is the waiting time. The higher the difficulty, the longer the waiting time. Therefore, since the game is at the highest level, you must wait 24 hours before you can play it again.

Get the mining power of the game After completing the game, you will see the option to Gain Power and convert the total points obtained to GH/s.

How to manage mining power


At this point, you already have mining gear and have generated mining power through the minigame. What should you extract? As I said, there are 3 different cryptocurrencies that can be mined in RollerCoin. By default, Bitcoin mining is configured, but you can distribute the mining power among the 3 available cryptocurrencies. You can do this by clicking the arrow located in My Power and selecting Split Power.

The value you enter for each cryptocurrency is a percentage. This means that you can divide 100% at will.

What I think of the game

The game is constantly updated and if you look closely, it has a large number of users because the current mining capacity of the RollerCoin network that we are talking about exceeds 20.6 Eh/s, depending on the place. If we compare it with the Bitcoin network, the difference is great because it has a hash rate of more than 150 Eh/s. Of course, this is just a game. By the first quarter of 2021, more than 13 BTC has been mined, but you can learn everything you can do with cryptocurrency mining. So I see it a very interesting game


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