¿Nassim Taleb is really right?

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For those who do not know who Nassim Taleb is. It is a mathematician-investor-philosopher who developed the 'black swan theory'. In other words, modernity is so complex that we cannot fully understand it and, therefore, we are vulnerable to events as unforeseen as they are lethal. By using his own metaphor, we get used to living in a world full of white swans ... until the sudden appearance of a black swan brings down our previous beliefs and forces us to rethink how everything works.


Well now knowing who this person is, now or I am going to say if I had to define Nassim Nicholas Taleb with a single word, I would be "arrogant". If I had two, perhaps I would choose "arrogant cocoon". And if I get more talkative, I would say that Taleb is a cocoon that has earned the right to be arrogant. Because no one has so brilliantly explained the era of uncertainty that has gripped the Western world for a decade.


According to the writer, philosopher and financier, Nassim Taleb, "most bitcoiners are complete idiots". This was stated on June 21 on his Twitter account @nntaleb.


Taleb wrote the phrase in the framework of a discussion with Italian bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco. This defender of libertarian ideas criticized Taleb for approving centralized state intervention in extreme situations such as a pandemic.

In his response, Taleb exposed the inability to accept nuances that he sees in many bitcoiners. In addition, he made it clear that he only approves the actions of the State in specific situations, but not its interference in the daily life of people.

Despite the clarifications, the responses to this accusation did not take long to appear. For example, Cory Clippsten, founder of SwanBitcoin, told Taleb that his opinion is skewed by Twitter. In addition, he provided examples to refute his idea that bitcoiners do not understand nuances.

Voices for Taleb, such as Brad Mills, could also be read. For this cryptocurrency consultant, most bitcoiners are extremely anti-statist to the point of coming to believe that COVID19 is an invented threat. Mills assured that many enter a cognitive dissonance when they see that the state response is sometimes effective.


Despite the controversial statement, the writer of bookstore hits like "The Black Swan," "¿Is there luck?" o "The Procusto bed" continues to be a benchmark for many bitcoiners. Even Clippsten himself, even after arguing with the writer, still considers himself, according to his Twitter bio, a "Taleb fan."

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