Ape Mining Club Statistics Update - March 16th, 2022

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Here's a quick update on Ape Mining Club statistics.

105,146 liquid APE is held by APE token holders.
140,015 STEM has been burned from Ape Mining Club.

The current daily emission is 1,550 APE/day unless boosted.

Top Stealers

UsernameSteal CountSteal Amount in STEM

Top Boosters

UsernameBoost CountBoost Amount in STEM

Top Equipment Holders


TOP STEM Spenders


Top APE Holders


All available pools are running at 100% efficiency. There are no current plans on increasing or decreasing the daily emission of any of the pools.

Quantum (800 APE/day) has been launched is is distributing daily.

Ape Mining Club NFTs still available

There are still a couple more Ape Mining Club NFTs availabe on NFT Showroom.


Earn APE passively with Hive delegation

I am distributing a portion our dev share to users who delegate Hive Power to @apeminingclub. Delegation payouts happen daily at the same time as the game payouts (midnight UTC). These payouts do not increase inflation and come from our share of APE already distributed.


    Never go full ape!

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 5 months ago 

I am really impressed how much STEM the top players have spent over time.

22,046 spent.


105,146 liquid APE is held by APE token holders.
140,015 STEM has been burned from Ape Mining Club

Impressive 🔥🔥

I should add in how much ape has been burned. Will dig that up.

Around 150k i guess

Probably about that. Maybe a bit less

How much is the apr for hive delegation

 5 months ago (edited)

Varies but you can get a rough idea by looking at recent payout and how much they delegated. If a lot of delegation comes in I can easily increase rewards. There is a lot of room.

Great project and steady growth on this one.Aping through hive

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