Hive or Facebook, who is better?

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You can get the Hive logo here. Editing done by me from canva.


After the launch of Facebook in 2004, people looked for alternatives to benefit economically and in the financial sector, that is, to have a secure and fully recognized source of income.

It is at that moment that Hive was born in the year 2020, catching many Venezuelans and other authors from different countries, in order to generate income in Cryptocurrencies and have their content valued in a satisfactory way.

That's why the question: Hive or Facebook?

For me, Hive has become more than a social network. Hive, in such a short time, has managed to establish itself in the world of Cryptocurrencies, its developers bet on the platform, keep us informed of any events and are always innovating the blockchain, so that it has many tools.

As fellow @taskmaster4450le said 7 days ago in one of my posts: "There is still a lot to implement this year, but I think the fireworks start after the calendar changes".

Undoubtedly, this year 2022 coming up is going to see new announcements on the platform and this will be important for the overall growth of Hive in all its financial dimensions.

What do I love about Hive?

And if we're talking about quality and style when it comes to features, Hive has a nose ahead of Facebook. Here at Hive, your content is rewarded in $HBD Cryptocurrency, which is what you get paid every 7 days on your post.

Apart from that, you own your content, you have freedom of expression in comments and articles, others.

In other words, Hive, is the fantastic world that you were looking for a long time and today I am showing it to you in this very interesting post because of the question I left in the title.



Let's go with Facebook: Is it better?

Meanwhile, Facebook, offers us many functions that simply (from my point of view) will not help us later, since this Web 2.0 social network is centralized and for a bad word or a comment out of place, our Facebook can be censored for 24 hours or maybe for a month.

Perhaps, what I would rescue from Facebook, is that you can keep in touch with your friends and family. That's great, but in some ways it doesn't help, because if you are on Facebook every day, you won't be able to make money, or will you wait for food to be delivered to your bed? No, no. It can't be like that.

Believe me you are wasting your time, and why? Simply because Hive is better than Facebook. On Hive, your content is not censored, but if it is muted it all depends on your writing or if it has not met the rules of the community where you posted.

Facebook is like that:

  • Funny pictures.
  • Funny videos.
  • Censored accounts for something silly.
  • Anger, helplessness and waiting for a comment.
  • They can even hack your Facebook.
  • You are not free of your content. Facebook is.

Are you already noticing what I'm telling you?

  • That's why Hive is better at everything.

I hope this financial and at the same time informative post has been able to clear your doubts. See you later.

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I'd say, each serves their purpose. Facebook being not being directly rewarding could make it more fun. Hive being decentralized and rewarding also places it somewhere in utility.

Sure, but financially and in terms of freedom, Hive is better.

Facebook is "kind of going out of fashion".