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RE: Will Crypto survive the length of time? In what form? In search of Intrinsic Value and Use Cases...

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We are working on a community page on Leo for Koinos, if we decide to go for it would you be willing to moderate and curate it man?

I noticed you are holding some Leo Power, so here's a few Leo initiatives you might want to check out!

Eight new Tasks for the communitySubscribe to the Daily LeoLPUD comes with a Badge!
tasksx200.pngTDL Squarex200.pngBadgex200.png

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didn't know Leo had communities?
thanks for asking.
I suppose some more curators/moderators will be there as well?
somehow I like to contribute, but I also know that I spend already to little time on HIVE and all.
but yea, include me as a potential candidate that likes to help out.
any TG or discord that is open for this?

The leofinance discord man!

There are also several things you can do to better the leo ecosystem, check out @leo.tasks!

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