AI is taking over | It's a wild, wild future

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Been a while since I posted something outside of a couple of The Daily Leo editions and a couple vids. I'm not quitting Hive, don't worry (or celebrate). I just decided to take a step back and slow down a little bit on my posting trends - I was posting about 10 pieces per week. But I'm back, and I think I'll manage to get back to a healthy 7 posts per week - one per day, obviously - and keep stacking hive while engaging as much as possible, both on my posts as with other authors, while also putting a lot of time into Threads.

A lot has been said about Artificial Intelligence and if you've been paying attention to Hive matters, it's a hot topic right now.

This post is not to talk about the controversy around using AI to publish content on Hive, and it is definitely not about the pros and cons of using such tools to create content. This post is mostly about how AI is shaping the future, and how wild it looks through my lenses.

The miracle years of past visionaries

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and even though we as a society are light years away from having a T100 solving our math homework, or exploring the intricacies of sitting next to Alicia Vikander and watch her solve the issue of world hunger using her default 3 lines of code that allowed her to become the best problem solver ever, we are already experienced how artificial intelligence can change the way we interact with each.

In such a teenie-tiny ecosystem such as the blogging side of the Hive Blockchain, artificial intelligence already disrupted the status quo and the way curation works. In a matter of months, we went from being amazed with chatGPT to being scared of it, and we are now finding ways to deal with it.

But did you expected something different?

I didn't mention chatGPT or Hive to go in-depth about what's going on, but to put into simple examples how AI can be disruptive and completely change how an ecosystem can be shaped and molded by it - got the Bane reference? No? Alright, I'll keep going - and how it can affect the way users interact with each other.

Now imagine how it can - and how it already is - affect a bigger ecosystem, and how it can completely reshape society.

A lot of people argue that AI will never replace certain kind of jobs, but I tend to disagree. Artificial intelligence performed several jobs in a company and nobody noticed anything until the CEO spoke up; AI can already program in Javascript in much more effective, efficient and cleaner than I will ever be able to; I have no idea why newspapers haven't replaced 90% of their politically biased workforce since AI can already write better pieces than most journalists; Hell, there's an AI bot that learns from previous games and becomes better as more people play against it, and it is already better at chess than what I will ever be, even if I study Chess 8 hours per day for the next 5 years.

Artificial intelligence is flawed, but these flaws are temporary.

AI takes over.png

As humans, we are also flawed. In my opinion, instead of finding ways to fight back against the usage of Artificial Intelligence, we very much could embrace it and leverage its strengths to cover for our weaknesses, especially when it comes to problem solving. AI excels at solving some problems that our weak little minds struggle at, and our brains are much more keen to solving stuff in a matter of seconds that would take AI hours to solve, if it is ever able to do so.

I'll give you a quick example: If I ask you what is the result of multiplying 869,495,298 * 239,349,984, it would take you a long, long time to give me a result and odds are, you will be in the wrong. Solving this complex (for you. Bane reference again, did you catch it?) mathematical calculation is extremely easy for an AI, and it would take it nanoseconds to solve it. The reason for this is simple, our brains are not designed to process large amounts of information or perform calculations like the one above neither quickly nor accurately, but computers are designed specifically for this.

On the other hand, tasks that are simple for humans can be extremely challenging for the silly machines that will eventually overtake our world and will harvest us for energy.

An example for this is something that you are already familiar with, but perhaps don't realize you know about it: Image and object recognition. This is the reason why some of the prove you are human captchas revolve around picking 3-4 bicycles among nine options, where the other five are motorcycles. Humans (that's you and me by the way) can easily distinguish between different objects and images, even in very complex situations, and computers utterly fail at this simple as fuck task. This is because visual recognition requires a level of understanding and contextual knowledge that is difficult for computers to replicate.

For me it is easy as hell to identify if what I'm looking at is an image of several puppy pugs cuddling or a bunch of Twinkies lined up together. For a computer this is extremely hard. Take that, chatGPT.

I think you get the point. Artificial intelligence fails where humans excel and vice-versa.

Eventually, computers will evolve enough to render us useless for these topics, but not yet, don't worry. On the other hand, the human brain could evolve into a supercomputer in terms of performance - because in theory our brains are more powerful than even the most Thanos-like computer ever created - and be able to deal with advanced math problems easily, but I don't see that happening, it's just not on our evolution path.

This is part of a long, long draft I've put together that is over 10k words

Which will become 30k once I run it through chatGPT expand on each topic of the draft.

That was a joke by the way, don't be dense, I don't need AI to vomit my thoughts for me into a Hive post, there's more than one thousand articles here on my blog that can attest that I can expand on pretty much any topic and make it a blog post, no matter how bad it may be. kek.

If you want me to continue, please let me know your thoughts in the comments about this piece and if you would like me to keep digging on how AI is taking over

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I wrote something about bloggers employing the use of artificial intelligence in creating contents and here I am reading something that I think complements my point of view. Yes AI has a whole lot of different ways that it can be useful to us without rendering us useless to ourselves.

The fact that we are humans gives us a hedge over a lot of things and that also involves AI because we can use their services for our own benefits and still be productive for ourselves when they are not there.

I learned a lot from this and I'm happy you thought of creating something today for us outside the usual, hehe.

I write to organize my thoughts and to clarify my stances, writing is a good exercise to clear our heads, but it's not a process for everyone. I believe that AI can be a useful tool for people who already have an article idea, some concepts, a flow and all they need is to expand on them.

AI allows people with great ideas who struggle to put them on paper, to actually be able to publish them. I am not 100% against AI on Hive as a tool, but I'm also not going to get into a useless and time wasting argument with those who are. Time will tell.

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Writing has a lot of benefits and it's nice it helps you organize your thoughts.

And yeah, AI, can help in blogging when we have an idea on what we want and yeah, it's a waste of time to argue, hehe. Time is just the best to handle that argument.

Hahah exactly, there will never be a consensus on this, only opinions and agreements to some degree, in the meantime the best we can do is to keep building, stacking and creating content :D

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From a rational perspective, I think AI is light years ahead and we might never catch up with it. Our perceived thinking capacity is limited. We can't even multitask to an amateur level. Maybe Elon Musk's neural link will come to the rescue. I still wonder what would happen if you merge humans with AI, Superhuman or Subhuman?

We'd end up having a superhuman yeah, imagine when a computer can read our thoughts and prompts directly from our brains, so the response time from the AI powered by our fast prompts can achieve something really amazing... we are at least 10 years from that, maybe even more, but it's exciting to thing about it!

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Yes, it's indeed exciting to think about it. With AI, we will be able to do super cool stuffs that defy our current limited imagination.

Yes, keep digging please. This is of course especially relevant at the moment as HiveWatchers (and others, cant remember who) are targeting AI content, and i think (not sure) downvoting with the first warning.

We, as a community need to reach consensus as to how and to what extent #AI can be used and not considered as reward pool farming, for instance, it could be a requirement to screenshot the AI query text result before editing & include that in the post which should be at least x% edited and with x% of non AI edited content. Just an example, this is not my proposal, i would need to give it more thought.

Once we have a number of proposals put forward, then we could have a Hive ecosystem wide Consensus meeting and vote. One person, one vote (not stake based), alt accounts not allowed (difficult to police this at the moment i know - although ultimately #Matrix8 could handle this) would be my choice. This could be done with a poll, probably multiple polls with further discussion inbetween until we come to concentrated consensus in which everyone who chooses to has taken part.

Then it will be clear to all what the rules are, and @hivewatchers can police accordingly.

Sat Nam

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Thank you, we will take a look.

Ditto on this! I don't know why, but I can't do that as well.

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We will fix it in upcoming update for sure! Thanks for confirming 👍


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We had a Hive visitor today and we took him on a tour at one of the charity projects that we support.
He was very impressed and happy about the tour.
After the tour we had some coffee and as young university lecturer, the AI issue entered the conversation, as my wife is also a lecturer. Apparently, they battle at the university to establish whether students are cheating by using AI in their essays. It is an ethical problem.

The thing that I don't like about IT is that it doesn't have that personal touch. The practical touch of human face to face communications. AI might render all of this as obsolete. We have to remember that IT has no human emotions and care is a stranger to it.
Just my way of seeing things.


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I find AI scary but I guess I need to embrace it and not ignore it. Thanks for your article - please keep digging - I will come back to read what you've dug up.
I hope the use of AI will be discouraged and caught on Hive. I do know it is a controversial topic however. Tools are usually used to make life more efficient/convenient but humans could become dependent and lazy - ultimately less intelligence.
The fear of course is that AI will be the masters and could possible eliminate humans - in the future.

It is definitely scary, and once you go down the rabbit hole and see how much can be achieved - both good and bad - then it becomes clear that we are in for a wild, wild future. It's great to hear this, I'm glad you liekd this piece!

The use of AI on Hive is controversial to say the least, I don't think it's a black and white issue but time will tell. Have you seen the movie Ready player one? It's very entertaining and goes deep into virtual worlds, somewhat related to this topic. If you are more of a reader, the book is 20 times better than the movie, but the movie is still good if you prefer to watch it.

Rabbit holes can reveal so much indeed - the good can be used to enhance our lives but the bad can be abused in so many ways. Indeed - we are in for a wild ride in the wild, wild technological future.
I will definitely look for the movie and book - watching will be quicker though. Thanks for the recommendation. Hmm just asked my teenagers - they have seen it - typical. 😆

I like your ideas about AI.

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Thank you! I had this post for over a month on drafts, it's way too long for me to get off my ass and actually write it from all the concepts I had written down, and seeing where Hive is going this seemed like the perfect moment, I'm glad you liked it ^^

Read the opinions of both camps, but when emotion clouds one's mind, it is not easy to be objective on the subject.



I enjoyed your thoughts and would love to read more on the AI take over. We are definitely on the cusp of change.

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It's pretty astounding to see how far we've gone over the past 20 years in terms of technology and innovation. I don't see AI taking over every single job, but I do see it becoming a tool that will empower us to a whole new level of efficiency and productivity.

I agree, some jobs require the human touch (like mine). I do believe that it will create a significant job shift as businesses, as well as employees, adapt to accommodate this.

I've been around long enough to have experienced healthcare providers make the painful switch from paper to electronic medical files (the advantage was significantly fewer privacy breaches) but this is a rabbit trail.
Thanks for the discussion. I'll be watching for more.

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I totally agree that AI can help us to solve problems, especially with its calculation capacity and the possibility to measure the impact of our actions. However, I am more afraid of the human than of the AI and the use it can make of all this. Thanks for this article

Although artificial intelligence is still very early in my view, I believe that it is truly the humanity future here and now. Certainly, artificial intelligence still has a lot to learn, but as programmers or developers create algorithms that feed back or learn as they interact with humans, it is becoming more and more complex and comprehensive.

The future result is promising in terms of technological advances, now in terms of future generations if we talk about intellect and critical thinking ability, perhaps the future does not look so promising, but it is the price of progress.

I guess when the humanity have to cross that bridge, it will already cross it; for now, it's amazing to see the evolution of AI and how it has the potential to be used in so many different arenas to do everything in a better and more efficient way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it in this post. Greetings.

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