The Reasons Why Cashless Dominate My Life

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I've never had a good wallet because I don't like to keep money neatly. When there are many digital wallet applications in Indonesia today, I cheer them up.

I live in a village, but 80 percent of all work and necessities for life are fulfilled by payment activities using digital wallets.

Another 20 percent is what I buy in my village using cash such as street food and daily groceries that I buy at small shops.

Digital Wallet Connected to Mobile Banking

Top up is easy to do because it is integrated with mobile banking services.

Activities that I do where I pay for my digital wallet include takeaway food, buying internet connection, shopping online, and doing charity. :)


Discount and cashback

A digital wallet service will die without any discount and cashback offers.

I often receive cashback when buying internet credit and discounts up to 50 percent for food purchases.

Currently in various malls and large franchise stores have collaborated with several digital wallets, not just a credit card. They often hold discounts for their members.


Time Saving and Practical

To be honest I hated counting money and tidying bills the most. I often can't wait to count money when I want to pay sellers.

You could say that banknotes are also a source of transmission of various bacteria and viruses. During the Coronavirus, as it is now, big stores usually prioritize cashless payments rather than cash.

Tighten your Phone Security

Add Face Id and set up some security procedures for your phone for the worst-case scenario if your phone is lost.

Your phone is your bank. As much as possible avoid it from the reach of children and it's time for your phone to become very private if you already have a lot of balance in your digital wallet on your phone. :)


How about you? Are you currently using more cashless or cash in your life?

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@anggreklestari, Definitely Digital Wallets are creating big difference in this world. Specially it's bringing Ease Of Payments in daily life. Stay blessed.

Yes agree with you.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Welcome. 🙂

My preference is cash. You don't get any discount paying cashless here in Australia, in fact, for some credit card payments you can have an extra charge. It's fairly common for digital payments to go down here, often due to failure on the bank's end. In times of disaster, like hurricanes in the north or the last summer's bush fires, power and of course digital payments can be out for weeks, so cash is king at this point. My father's bank got hacked not long back and they had to replace a load of cards, his included. This took two weeks, so if he couldn't have used cash (Australia is wanting to go cashless too) then he wouldn't have even been able to feed himself.

I've known people to have their bank accounts frozen, because the bank decided they had some suspicious looking transactions.

I don't want to encourage the move to cashless so I use it as much as possible. I also find it easier to budget with and not overspend.

I am concerned with your father's case. Some transactions at the Bank are really annoying and here I am using a bank with a system that is more inclined to "sharia" guidelines.

I hate credit cards, and have never been tempted to do so.

In Indonesia, the development of digital wallet startups is quite promising. We even more often move balances to digital wallets from state-owned banks.

Indeed, different location and time will have different system about the easy of applying payment system.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

I've not actually heard mention of digital wallets other than as an idea, before now. I can see it taking some time before retailers are set up to accept them here. We are often behind on technology, so it puzzles me why they even thought Australia could go cashless this year. We, of course, haven't.

I dont use credit cards either, because I avoid debt. I did for a while in England, because you could get cashback at the end of the year for using it and as long as you paid it off in full each month it cost nothing. Here there are fees for them. I use a debit card, which takes straight from my bank balance. You have a limit to the amount you can use on it each day, unless you select it as a "credit" transaction. Then you can go above that limit, but it still comes from the money you already have in the bank and some retailers will charge you for using it.