Great Opportunities in the Future of Layered Rewards on The Hive Blockchain

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Since yesterday I heard that Steem Blockchain has been integrated with Tron (TRX) which allows users to have a great opportunity for layered earnings. Each user will get a TRX token equivalent to the Steem Power that the user gets during the payout post.

As HIVE users, of course, we should be able to see more into our blockchain, and the various layered rewards that we have even felt. For example, additional tokens that we can automatically get at the same time we get HIVE and HBD tokens during the payout post. But there are still shortcomings that make us users feel that this is not the real layering rewards system.

Slight Gap Between Big Screens


There are projects that are already big screens for the user's attention and it works. Call it @LeoFinance, which continues to grow rapidly and is valuable with the LEO token. But there seems to be a slight loophole that distracts the user's attention.


The layered rewards that users get are not truly comprehensive or at least can be enjoyed by all users. For example, LEO Token can only be earned for users who create content about finance and blockchain and through staking and curating content. Not all users fully experience these layered rewards.

Likewise with other tokens that have specific topics. So actually we need a token for layered rewards that can actually be earned for all users equally.

The future of POSH Token?

I think @POSHToken is an interesting token that integrates Twitter users as well as HIVE. Every day we (for users who have integrated their HIVE account with their Twitter account) will receive a POSH token. But we are still waiting for the real realization for this POSH Token.

Posh Token can be a token for layered rewards for attractive HIVE users. And we can simultaneously increase project awareness to the crypto audience on Twitter.


Regardless of what tokens we get, it is important for us to maximize what is already there. Be grateful and stay cool!

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"So actually we need a token for layered rewards that can actually be earned for all users equally."
If I get you right, I think tribes token like #lassecash #palnet #telokanda #neoxian and #blogtoken belongs to this category.

The idea of poshtoken has been on for awhile and I can't wait to see it come to pass. It will really engage more twitter users to come here.

But what does that do with the news of a Leo Twitter coming our way.

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Ah yeah, I forgot to mentioned about it, but the price still not stable like Leo I mean. Thats big issue, right?

Let's we wait for the Posh token :)

Thank you for reading my post

Yes ma'am... Be are grateful and staying cool.

'Likewise with other tokens that have specific topics. So actually we need a token for layered rewards that can actually be earned for all users equally'

I like this, a token for one to earn regardless of what they post.

I am receiving many Second layer Tokens such as LEO,PAL,NEOXAG and CTP by Blogging on HIVE Blockchain.
That is better than other sites because of we are receiving many Chances for Crypto earning.

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totally agree! Checking the so many tokens we got i see the massive potential to a bunch of them! Each community team needs to create a roadmap and a plan regarding their future!

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It's great news for Steemians that they can earn 2 coins when they create content there... We on Hive have Layer 2 tokens for some time, and we can earn many tokens with one post... Like you with this one... You will get hive, leo, ctp, archon...

LEO Finance has stood out from the crowd, who is next?

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