Trump plans to create his own platform "

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After former President Trump has been banned from various social networks, he has decided that he will launch his own social network and that it will be launched in up to three months and, consequently, Trump will be able to return to social networks to maintain his activity.


He was banned from social media by oligarchs who did not like his publications about the possible electoral fraud that was taking place due to voting by mail, thus eliminating the most powerful man in the world at that time from the right to communicate directly.

According to Trump 2020 campaign spokesman Jason Miller, the "new platform will be great" and certainly many are apprehensive to see what will really happen, and in fact Trump will attract users to the platform and completely redefine the game as many will be waiting and watching to see exactly what President Trump does.

Don't forget that Trump is not the type to accept defeats and you can be sure that he will come with everything in the next elections. He's just exercising his freedom and creating the network just to say what he wants. "Trump promises to return to the networks where he will fall in love and move the internet"

Although in 2019, Trump stated that he was not a bitcoin fan, after all the events of 2020, he may have changed his mind ...

In my opinion, this new social network that Trump intends to create is more one of the same, centralized and only with a different name from the others ... A real alternative to censorship that tends to only increase already exists, HIVE, a decentralized and incensurable blockchain.

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Maybe he has advisors that will tell him to clone HIVE! lol it is so simple a cave man could do it, surely Mr. T can do eeet too! Good Luck with that Trump, wish u would just have joined HIVE. HAHA! Doesn't trump understand that blockchain social media won't censor him? hmm.... with him join blurt instead.

kkkk ok, you may be right

I just did a review of the new app its been revealed on FoxNews and Axios just ONE of MANY apps hes talked to hes just seeing if his name can give them a boost



Will be ?

I didn't know about this thing ... a great idea. If it is not on the blockchain platform, it will still be an old social network

Yes ... Thank you for reading and commenting, always welcome here, success for you!

He only needs to come and click "join." Then join the #proofofbrain community. I'd give him a 100% upvote for him just informing us that he is here.

Oh and he ought to use when he makes his posts and votes.

I don't think it would be anything really new than what already exists but I'm willing to see what he's planning. I bet he's gonna give it a corny name like; "Trumpet"

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