Main trends in exponential technology

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It is essential to adopt technologies, and above all, learn to work with them, applying them throughout the business efficiently. And nowadays being online and using technology in all the company's processes has become more than an obligation, and any organization created based on exponential technologies has a greater chance of achieving growth and development.


Although forecasts are always susceptible to errors and inaccuracies, it is still possible to point out trends that should be consolidated, being:

  • Neurotechnologies

These are the technologies that interact with the brain, investigating, researching and manipulating our neural functions and it is based on computers controlled by the mind, with promising application mainly in medicine, enabling people with disabilities to perform tasks beyond their normal capacities.

And we are based on the company of Elon Musk Neuralink, a neural interface company that works to achieve the "symbiosis" between the human brain and artificial intelligence.

  • Nanosatellites

They are tiny satellites, weighing less than 50 kg, created through nanotechnology, they will be able to improve communications, research, education and other areas.

We have as an example: Visiona Tecnologia Espacial, a joint venture between Embraer and Telebras, which plans to launch the first Brazilian “agricultural nanosatellite” in space in mid 2021.

  • Additive manufacturing

It is the general nomenclature used to define the digital manufacturing process by addition - these are 3D printers, which should see their use grow, with several areas of the industry adhering to their applications ranging from medicine, with the creation of cheaper prostheses, to retail, with the printing of customized clothes for customers, even for study in the classroom.

  • Synthetic biology

This is an area with important ethical issues, because it is chemicals, acrylic, vaccine development, treatment of agricultural residues, antibiotics, among others, these examples of synthetic biology products can be inserted back into the flow, creating a cyclic system . The genetic manipulation of living organisms through engineering is one of the most promising innovations in the health field, as it is expected to help combat great evils of humanity, such as cancer, AIDS and other genetic diseases.

  • Stored energy

They are systems that promote a more intelligent use of energy, it works as a kind of “smart battery”, that is, they absorb and conserve energy before launching it in the network, reducing waste, decentralizing the supply and allowing the increase of renewable energy production, such as solar and wind power.

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Blockchain is also a technology that will change the world.

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