Game Boy portable console is modified and manages to mine bitcoin "

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A youtuber managed to use a Game Boy to "mine" bitcoins, but to do that, the developer needed to use a series of external adapters in order to access the data network needed for the cryptocurrency "ore".


The process is apparently complex, but in a very uncomplicated way. And how was that possible?

Come on then ... Thanks to a Raspberry Pi card, the developer Youtuber managed to improvise an interface that connects the Game Boy to a computer with internet, using the laptop's Link input, the one used in 1989, for local data exchange.

Shortly after gaining access to the Bitcoin data network, the developer created a small piece of software using a set of tools for creating games for Game Boy and loaded it into a modified cartridge, capable of receiving customized ROMs, the result was satisfactory even if improvised , because it is in operation.

Of course, it can be impressive that he can mine Bitcoin, but it is far from profitable, because the hardware present in the Game Boy, has limited bitcoin mining speed in its system and cannot handle the mining process. occur in a positive way, then it will be desired.

However, this is still a brilliant recreation, even if without much effect, but the idea is what really counts.

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