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The Boring Company, Elon Musk's company had the mission of working hard on a new venture and is equally futuristic, involving tunnels.


And to the surprise of some viewers, Elon successfully completed the excavation of the first tunnel for the Las Vegas Convention Center transportation system that could take passengers up to 250 km / h, and all this to resolve the congestion caused by large cities using underground tunnels.

His idea came when Musk was stuck in the hellish traffic of Los Angeles and simply tweeted that he was going to “build a tunneling machine and just start digging”, that is, in search of relief from congestion in big cities, he felt compelled to find a solution. for that problem.

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Certainly, at first, it seemed like a simple joke by Musk, but he was serious, and his tunnel company opened the first line in Las Vegas. Two tunnels complete the network and connect the three stops ... With two parallel tunnels totaling 2.7 km, the underground transport system has two stations on the surface and one underground.

It is worth remembering that all transportation will be done from Tesla's own company cars, and at that moment, a fleet of 62 electric vehicles from the automaker is operating in the underground transport system, and would involve making the journey in about 3 minutes normally it lasts half an hour, because of the traffic of the place, all this seems to be fantastic.

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