Antiviral fabric with NASA technology and silver "

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A tissue composed of silver microparticles on its surface with NASA technology is capable of killing viruses, fungi and bacteria, what do you mean?


Scientists have developed a self-cleaning comforter, since bedding when not washed frequently accumulates bacterial colonies and with the application of natural thermoregulatory silver technology developed by NASA, so the researchers in question managed to reduce that amount drastically.

The science behind comfort ... In the comforters manufactured by Miracle with this fabric in question show that the fibers are made with real silver, that's right, acting as a kind of natural shield against bacteria that feed on dead cells that are skin, sweat and even animal hair, preventing bacterial growth by 99.9%, and the fact that the fabric is completely technological does not cause allergies and is completely natural.

How does silver work in the fabric?

The silver ion microparticles used in the product have a positive charge that connects to the bacteria as if it were a magnet and becomes capable of inactivating fungi, bacteria and viruses. The nano-silver is minuscule in size and that is why it becomes essential for it to penetrate the cell membrane, thus making these nanoparticles able to invade cells, destroying the interior of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

For those who didn't know silver has been used for centuries to prevent contamination by bacteria ....

And how does this silver work?

Simple ... When the atom of this element comes in contact with oxygen, oxidation occurs that releases positive silver ions, and this chemical reaction is able to prevent reproduction and damage the genetic material of microorganisms.

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