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Over the past few years, technology has undergone considerable technological advances, offering more and more resources that make life easier for consumers.


As the technology increases, the consumer also becomes more demanding, wanting to feel all the emotions of the images inside his home, and the 8K technology represents another leap in resolution, and this time with 7680 x 4320 pixels, 4 times more than a TV 4K (twice horizontally and twice vertically). The greater the number of pixels, the better the image quality and in order to have a sense of reality with the 8K quality screen, it is important to separate and differentiate each pixel for the human eye.

The resolution of 8K for example, is Ultra Full HD, FUHD, being an ultra-high definition resolution (UHD), it is the successor of 4K resolution, there are exactly 33 million small colored dots to form the television image with the highest definition that you will find in the market.

And why did 8K become necessary for human life?

The larger the screen of a television, the more pixels are needed to create visible details. For televisions over 65 inches, 8K technology provides greater detail in the image and a more immersive visual experience, and today the consumer has been looking for larger screens, 50 inches upwards, increasing their audiovisual experience, and it is in this regard that the benefits of the 8K are more visible to those looking for.

It is worth mentioning that the new 8K televisions come with the application of artificial intelligence, and processors are increasingly evolved and the use of deep learning (data learning), which increases the possibilities of connectivity with televisions, integration with personal assistants , such as Google Assistant and Alexa, making television a central control of your home.

Who watches in 8K notice the difference in the image?

Yes, because of this resolution, the benefit is that the contours of the images will be much more precise, all the textures you see in the image will be more detailed, and with respect to the depth, the foreground and background of the objects are quite prominent.

This 8K resolution is being created at an accelerated pace to account for technological advances, and for our happiness we have to follow everything very closely, as the colors have become more vibrant.

The speed of advancement in technologies has exceeded human capacity, says Friedman;

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8k is crazy! I saw one of these displays in a mall and I was baffled by the screen resolution. It was so crisp. Loved it. Not sure if there is enough 8k content out there.

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I had no idea that 8k was a thing already! Very interesting article, thanks for sharing.

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