AskLeo - How do you determine the quality of the comment on LeoFinance and other tribes ? + Updates on Engagement Project

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A very good evening to everyone , it has been a very busy week for me in a good way and I look forward to deliver more .

This post is to ask the LeoFinance community what they think about engagement , contribution , posts , comments etc . I will divide the question into headers so that you can express your opinion easily.

Some of you already know that I recently started running an Engagement project in 4 tribes , LEO , STEM , CTP , SPORTS in which I rank top 25 engagers based on their comments quality and curate them. This is to make sure the people who put effort in commenting are getting rewarded .

But what all factors do I consider while calculating the comment quality

  • Length of the comment
  • Average length of the comment
  • Number of authors you talked to
  • Number of comments you made in the day

The actual weightage for these isn't revealed by me yet because it might be abused.

But how can we improve this ? Can we add more criteria ?

Length of the comment

Let's say I am talking about Economy of my country , I can go on and on saying , for example

  • India started opening up it's market to the outside world from 1991 , it is only from then it started seeing the real growth and potential . If you see the history before 1991 , India wasn't doing good but after the 1991 economic reforms India just boosted its economy etc etc .

The summary of the above is - India wasn't doing well financially before 1991 but they did after the economic reforms that took place in 1991 ( Somebody who is better in English than me can further reduce the words but convey the same meaning )

So I took average length of the comment

Average length of the comment

Well if you have observed any of the ranking closely , you can see that average length of the comment matters in my project -

Ex - image.png

If you see this gadrian has talked to 11 different people and has made 14 comments today but @erarium has made just 8 comments and talked to only 8 people but sitll @erarium is placed higher in the ranking this is because he has high average comment length . So not only talking to different people matters , it also matters how long your comments + average comment length .

Comments + Authors talked to

This is important too and I guess there is no explanation required . I will reveal a secret - Authors talked to has more weightage than comments made . Both matters but my intention is that people should engage with more number of people rather than 2-3 people talking to themselves.

This is what I have added today - a simple update -

Removal of URL

I observed that some people copy pasted URLs in their comments - not to abuse or anything - I often do it too . It is not fair to calculate that too in the length of comments so I have edited the code and removed it .

Code -

text = re.sub(r'http\S+', '', body_split, flags=re.MULTILINE)

Without the code -
Output - Hey this is me sharing this link -
Length = 45

With the code -
Output - Hey this is me sharing this link -
Length = 28

Sometimes the URL are so huge , it adds more length .

My next update in the code will be - Unique words

This is one thing I want to implement . If I comment on 10 people saying ,

Thank you so much , Thank you , that means a lot , * Hey thanks buddy* .

Although these are 3 different comments , there is no quality .
I will add this soon in my next update but first I wanted to ask you guys what you think about it.

Engagement Project - 25 users in all 3 tribes

Today if you checked the rankings , we had all the top 25 spots filled in CTP , SPORTS and ofcourse LEO .

In STEM there is an increase in activity but I have some ideas of how to push it further , I will implement them soon but it is a good news we have more than 25 users commenting in the 3 tribes :)

What do you feel about this ? What is quality for you ? Do you like the way I am curating ? Do you feel it is a good way to rank comments ?

I have started a proposal on Sportstalk community regarding this project - you can check it out here -

If you want to delegate , here are the accounts -

LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
STEM - @amr008.stem


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I think it's great that many people are now using other front-ends. I hope this helps the site's ad revenue and also improves their site's ranking.

Just wondering, how were the statistics before starting this engagement project compared to what it was before this project? I think it would be nice to know and we can see some actual comparisons.

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I will pull up the data when I am free later today and post it ;) maybe it will help sports proposal too lol

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That is pretty awesome. I think I use the words pretty awesome in my comments a lot, so I am probably going to get nicked for that! :) Thanks for sharing this and discussing the process you use for doing your rankings. I am happy that I was able to make it on the list a couple of times and I am really excited about the chance I have to help you out with the delegation I sent over. What a great way to encourage engagement!

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Lol , I will consider unique words just to make sure people are not spamming. I ran the test code today and seems like you are fine lol .

Regarding the delegation , can't thank enough. I hope I can provide good APR for all delegators.

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Whew, I was worried there for a second! 😀

Yes, I think its really a great way of pointing out the importance of overall contribution, not just posting and looking for rewards. I enjoy engaging with other users and try to say something that potentially adds to the content rather than just commenting on it.

One question I have though is, since you encouraged people to try the different sites, I've been looking through the STEM one. I thought I had a few posts yesterday but didn't see them show up? Is there something I'm missing? They showed up the day before.. No big deal. Just wondering if I did something differently/wrong yesterday....

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I thought I had a few posts yesterday but didn't see them show up?

Hey , you mean they didn't show up on the engagement rankings ? Or they didn't show up on STEMGeeks itself?

Also the project considers only comments and not posts . Let me know if you are still finding something difficult I will help you out.

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Congrats, you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on LeoFinance .
You made a total of 14 comments and talked to 13 different authors .
Your rank is 24 .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

Yes, they don't show up in the engagement table. I think I may have received upvotes but....just don't see my name on the charts. It's there for the Leo but not the STEM....

Actually, maybe I just have my timing wrong. What time UTC is the cutoff? Is it different for the different platforms? Looking at my comments it looks like I might have just happened to finish commenting a little too early and started the next day a little too late, so I might have "missed" a day in UTC time....

I just checked the engagement table and you were at the top in STEMGeeks for 16th but you weren't there for 17th .

  1. As you mentioned it might be timing problem ( Yes , all the data is calculated as per UTC timings . Not different for different frontends , all timings are in UTC ) .

  2. I will get back to you in about 10 minutes , let me check only for your account and see if there is any problem.

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Hey @dagger212 , I just checked , you haven't posted any comments from STEMGeeks frontend on 18th of Feb . You have done it from leofinance and though and I checked for 19th you are again in the engagement table , 2nd rank so I guess its just a timing mismatch sir .

Let me know if I can help you further or if you have any queries.

Also if you need a question to be answered quickly feel free to contact me on Discord , it is not a problem but I still prefer to answer here because others will also get to know the answers .

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Thanks for checking. I thought that might be the case when I looked at the timing of my comments. I think I managed to literally post about 25 hours apart and I just happened to sneak the 24hr period that mattered in that tiny window. lol Thanks again!

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lol yes but you need not post keeping UTC timing in mind guess because I pull yesterday's data and upvote them so you need to comment in 24 hours , that matters most.

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It is awesome you keep the engagement going among us. It is not just posting and wait for vote.
Actually I saw your comment on my post for another lion. So I dig deeper but it was not for me.
I need to do more and be observant and contribute more on that aspect.
Great job!


Thanks a lot @pouchon :) I believe comments must get equal appreciation + rewards as posts . That is one of the reasons I have started this project . Thank you for the beer too.

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Hey @amr008, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

hey amr, I really like the project you are doing here. I have advocated for a long time that comments and discussion should be better rewarded.

I was excited to see that I already made the list a few times, but I feel like I am cheating because I have a lottery going on and there I answer to everyone participating, unnaturally increasing the amount of authors i talk to daily.

Is there a way to mark my comments as not eligible?

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I just checked your lottery posts and I saw what you mean.

I can remove you from the list but are you sure about it ? Then you won't be rewarded even if you make lots of comments outside your posts too .

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It's not like I want to be off the list.... I am also commenting and discussing a lot when I am in the mood, so it would be nice to still participate in the program.

Personally I would be alright with just leaving things as they are, but I at least wanted to mention that I have an artificial booster in my stats.

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I got your point. To be honest , this is a challenge for me in a good way. You were honest and volunteerly stated this to me but not everyone will do it but still my script should be able to recognize it automatically .

This is one of the reason why I implemented unqiue words count into the script recently but still I should be able to check same comments and maybe improve my script.

I won't remove your comments but I will work on this for sure.

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