Sportstalksocial 50% author rewards tax for non-native posts proposal - DATA analysis to see if it is necessary .

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Good evening to everyone . I hope you are having a good day .

Recently a lot is happening on LeoFinance , we all are very excited about the upcoming airdrops , #projectblank etc but the thing is a lot is happening on other tribes too . One such example is SportsTalkSocial moving to Archon type of governance system which was passed last week . Post link

SportsTalkSocial Proposals

Yesterday @patrickulrich posted another proposal which is 'Proposal to adopt reward change' .

I saw a few users actually having doubts about this - whether it is necessary or not . So I decide to gather some data from HiveSQL regarding posts , tags and see if I can provide info to users to let them make their decisions . It is always good to make informed decisions isn't it?

Code - Please double check this .

I am going to post the code I used to gather the data - I will explain it but I will request @patrickulrich to get someone he trusts to check if the data / codes are correct and accurate .

Note- I am using 30 days posts data , not the entire history of posts made on sportstalksocial as it doesn't make sense to me . Most recent data is sufficient to make the decision so I have gathered the data for past 30 days

Tagging @geekgirl since she knows HiveSQL and python, to help me . I don't wanna mess this up and give wrong info .

Coming to the codes -

import pyodbc 
import json
import pandas as pd
conn = pyodbc.connect('Driver={SQL Server};'

cursor = conn.cursor() 

I have used the above code to connect to HiveSQL . It is not necessary with respect to SportsTalkSocial . The below codes are necessary

Last 30 days posts data -
sports_native = pd.read_sql_query(''' select * from TxComments where timestamp > GETDATE()-30 ORDER BY ID DESC ''',conn)

So I am just storing all posts details in sports_native Dataframe which looks like this -

It took 45 minutes for me to just gather 30 days of posting details . Anyway moving forward , important codes -

app_list=[] # Using the list to store the 'front_end' through which posts are authored. 
for i in range(0,len(sports_native)):
        if(sports_native['parent_author'][i]==''): # Means I am taking only posts and not comments
            if 'tags' in json_posts:
                if 'sportstalk' in (json_posts['tags']): # If the tags contain 'sportstalk' in it or is directly posted to 'hive-101690' which is SportsTalkSocial community.
                    if 'app' in json_posts:
                        app_list.append(json_posts['app']) # Then store the 'front-end' used in the app_list.
        print("EXCEPT block entered:"+str(i))

The above code is pretty simple - These are the steps I have followed

  1. Check if it is a post or comment - Take only posts and neglect comments
  2. Check if the tags contain 'sportstalk' or directly posted to 'hive-101690' which is 'SportsTalkSocial' community . ( only then it is displayed in sportstalksocial front-end)
  3. If 2 is yes , store the 'front-end' used to post in app_list .

I hope this much is clear .

Now if I print app_list - this is the output -

The above image is just a sample , it contains more rows .

Now if it has been posted through SportsTalkSocial front-end , then we will save 'sportstalksocial/0.1' as 'app' ( front-end )

for i in range(0,len(app_list)):
        sports_native_count += 1
        non_native_count += 1
print("Sportstalk Native posts count:" +str(sports_native_count)+", Sportstalk non native post count:"+str(non_native_count))

What have I done in the above code?

  1. I have searched if the front-end starts with 'sportstalksocial' - if yes I have +1'd the sports_native_count .
  2. If 1 is wrong - that means the front-end was something other than 'sportstalksocial' - then I have +1'd the non_native_count .

Want to know the results ? This is the result -

Sportstalk Native posts count:575, Sportstalk non native post count:8940

Proportion representation in Pie Chart

To all those who just skipped the above part because it was too nerdy , lol , you can look at this pie chart -


I won't comment on the above chart .


Must read-

  1. I have to confess that I did this program in a hurry ( because only 4 days remaining to vote on proposal) and that is why I want @patrickulrich to double check this or anyone familiar with HiveSQL to cross-check .

  2. This data is purely for posts and not comments , this is the most important part . I have extracted the data for only posts ( past 30 days ) and not comments , when comments is factored in the data may worsen or favor 'Native posting' which I cannot guarantee.

  3. The data is only for past 30 days - that is between 29th December to 28th January ( today ) . If you consider older data ( which I don't suggest because recent posting data gives a better picture ) then the stats might change .

  4. I am not trying to influence anyone's decision but I always believe that people should make informed decision .

That's it from me today . I hope this post gave you some king of insight before voting for the proposal .

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That pie chart is not surprising at all. Consider a high percentage of all posts come via actifit this makes sense. I know I post from Peakd as I do prefer it.

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True , couple of weeks ago I posted that too - Actifit vs Other-posts on Sportstalksocial and almost 70% of them were actifit .

What is your take on the 50% tax on non-native proposal?

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I think it will make a difference and it will also stabalise sports token price. Less being earned by posts that possibly shouldn't be earning that many.

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You are right . It will not eliminate indiscriminate dumping of SPORTS but this proposal will reduce the amount dumped to great extent is what I think.

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Shit, that was a lot of posts from not Sportstalk :)
Nice that you tries to bring data to the discussion

Shit, that was a lot of posts from not Sportstalk :)

Yes :( unfortunately .

Nice that you tries to bring data to the discussion

Thank you :)

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Code looks correct, although I'm sure SQL would do the job in less than 30 mins!

Hey @abh12345.stem . I used HiveSQL itself for the data , might be my internet sucks not sure and thanks for cross checking .

There are so many tokens on hive-engine and the ones that will outperform is difficult to pick. If I recall correctly I had these sports tokens but sold them a long time ago and bought the PAL token for it..Cheers

You are right about numerous tokens but I feel SPORTS really has the potential to reach higher heights because it is the one topic which all countries love.

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I'm expecting you to make some serious and consistent data digging for SportsTalkSocial maybe on weekly basis. This looks cool already.

I am ready to do it :) I love it and if you ever need any data similar to above , let me know I will get it ASAP.

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