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RE: What Tribe Miner has the best ROI?

in LeoFinance6 months ago

This is great. I was posting everywhere asking if they are worth it . It looks like they are , if our investment is long term .

I still want to ask this , is it possible to earn with 5-10 miners?

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You can earn with one, but you are going up against people with potentially thousands of miners in some cases, and there are only 30 slots that can win a reward per hour.

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So it basically comes down to probability and luck?

I can earn next hour or may not earn for next year ?

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It is a lottery system, every miner has an equal chance of winning one of the slots every hour. The more long term you look, the less random it becomes.

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All right :) Thanks for all the input .

I've had 1 LEO miner for about 2 months now and earned 2 Leo tokens.

That helps :) Thanks a lot .

oh, woah I was way off I have 8 miners >.> My bad!

Lol it's okay. I still am going to invest in STEMM :)

So, 8 miners gave you 2 LEO?