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RE: Vote diversification - LeoFinance curators are upvoting how many authors on an average? ( Python codes )

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Hello @offgridlife . You most certainly upvote a lot of people but this data is only regarding LeoFinance posts/ comments.

I just checked and you have got only 8 curation rewards in LEO for the said period .

Most of your curation rewards are 0 that's why you haven't been included in the top 25 list .

If I had counted this too then you would have been at the top maybe -

Ex: image.png

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Ok... thanks. I wonder why my curation rewards are only zero ? I have almost 16,000 Hive power ???

No sir , your curation rewards for Hive is very high .

What I sent was for LEO . Your LEO curation rewards are 0 because you have only 60 LP right now .

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