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RE: Weekly Dividends paid - Engagement Project + 20 HIVE(+ 1 LBI ) contest ( STEM Engagement contest )

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Well 3.5 is also great right lol?
I would use that to buy UTOPIS again. I have only 35 UTOPIS right now.

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3.5 is a good price if it keeps going up :p
And yes I am reinvesting the 11.7 hive I got back into utopis :D

Definitely , did you buy it recently ? at 3.5 price ?

Or at 2 Hive did you buy some?

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I bought all of mine at 3.5 price

That's why you haven't got the payout last Monday , I was wondering why it was showing no payouts yet for you.

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Ye. But I got it today. Thats why I was wondering why it didn't show :D