INDEX dividends report - How much dividends was paid out from Jan 1 to Jan 25 + Python codes.

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Good morning to everyone , I am back with another report today of a promising and one of a kind token on Hive - INDEX .


Official site -
Official account - @he-index
Buy it at - H-E Link

Previously I have talked about what INDEX token is , what all tokens does it hold inside it and how much each token inside the INDEX is worth - you can take a look at it here if you are not sure what INDEX is -

But today I am going to just talk about the dividends that has been paid out by INDEX in the month of Jan ( Jan 1st to Jan 25th ) . Jan 26th to Feb 2nd will be posted in the next post .


import shelve 
import pandas as pd
import json
from datetime import datetime as dt'Blocks\Blockchain') # Where I have stored info from Jan 1 to Jan 25

df=pd.DataFrame.from_dict(s.items()) # Converting to DataFrame
df.columns=['Blocks','Transactions'] # Renaming columns

I have commented on all necessary codes explaining what it does , let's jump to important codes -

for i in range(0,len(df)):
        if 'events' in json_index:

df_drips= pd.DataFrame(all_drips_list)

Steps =

  1. Search each transaction to see if it is a transfer
  2. If 1 is yes , store the logs in 'json_index'
  3. After 2, search in the logs if the sender is '@he-indexrewards'
  4. If 3 is yes , store the transfer data into a list named 'all_drips_list'
  5. Store that in a DataFrame and rename the columns .

Which all tokens does it pay in?


Output = {'ARCHON', 'BEE', 'HUSTLER', 'LEO', 'NEOXAG', 'PAL', 'SIM', 'STEM', 'WEED'}

Totally 9 tokens as of now :) but I don't think HUSTLER is one of the tokens inside INDEX , I believe they received HUSTLER from a user ( which they didn't expect lol) and paid it out , am I wrong @jongolson @blainjones ?

Total Payout to all users for the period Jan 1 to Jan 25 .



This is actually pretty good , why? because INDEX is just 2 months old as of tomorrow . It is young but paying good dividends according to me .

Date wise dividend payout



More of less it has remained constant - the only increase is on 14th but it seems to be because of the fact that 13th no SIM was paid out.



We don't see it being paid out all the days because it is still in low amounts .





Note: Don't consider the 26th because not all the transaction from that date is available in the data I have taken







For certain tokens the dividends has been stable but not for all . We have to remember that INDEX is one of a kind and is still in early stages . We are already seeing increased payouts compared to December so going forward it can only provide better results :)

User data

I can extract dividends for a particular user - like -


Output -


If you want yours - let me know in the comments .

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You are correct with the HUSTLER token. It doesn't matter where the token comes from, if it lands in the INDEX account, it will be paid out accordingly. If you look today there is also the HYPNO token which was transferred by @dannychain. We continue to improve the formula for rewards and increase what is returned to members for holding the token!

Hey, @blainjones that was me indeed! 😅 I'm sorry if I wasn't supposed to do that. I just thought it would be easy to airdrop HYPNO tokens to INDEX holders, raising both INDEX value and also awareness for HYPNO community. !HYPNO !WINE

P.S. The issuer account (@hypnochain) also staked 100 HYPNO to @he-index.

Well its not prohibited to send them the tokens I guess , it's just that they will pay back the holders the tokens .

Pretty good idea actually , promoting the community via these tokens .

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Heck Yeah! I am all for it, we give received tokens out to the INDEX holders so today people will be receiving their portions of the HYPNO tokens! I did see the stake that was sent, so now it will start divvying out those rewards to INDEX holders as well!

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Hey @blainjones, here is your HYPNO ;)

Cool :) I wish more people send their tokens to INDEX to promote it lol.

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I have some Index tokens; can you please pull out a report for me..Appreciate your work here. cheers

hey @gungunkrishu :) I just built an app for this .
You can check it out here -
You can see your INDEX stats there.

Let me know if it works :)

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Index is a very good name for this token honestly. Love playing the index funds in stocks to get a little bit of everything out there and that's what this token does.

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Well I replied you but I am not sure where it went lol.

Anyway what I was stating was -

INDEX is a representation of traditional ETF . We can provide alternative to every single traditional concept / system on Hive.

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Interesting that Archon payout is mooning, any idea way? Also I am assuming this is the total payout per all Index tokens in circulation, not just your account? Thanks.

@mawit07 the post contains the tokens paid out to all the holders collectively .

The last part shows data for jongolson account.

If you hold INDEX and want to know your data please let me know I will get it.


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Thanks for the stats. INDEX is doing pretty good for what it was made.
Currently selling at almost 2.5x the holding price. Not bad.

You are right khan . I absolutely love it and was able to buy at 0.6 HIVE . I am at profits too already hehe.

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