How I am using Hive for a business project?

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Hello everyone ,

This is not my usual data related post but would like to share something which I have been working on .


So couple of weeks ago , a new project came to me in my office and it was related to temperature monitoring in the server rooms.

So basically I have to put a temperature sensor in the office and keep on monitoring the temperature .

If the temperature reaches certain threshold a mail should go to the relevant department .

While exploring this , I started listing down the requirements -

  1. Temperature sensor [ Costed about 1$]
  2. Arduino board to read the sensor data. [ Costs about 4$]
  3. A database to store the data.
  4. Program which reads the database and sends mail [ I have written this in python]

So 1,2,4 was covered easily but when I approached the IT department for 3rd , they said ahh we already have too much of data in the MySQL database and do you plan to keep the old data ?

I said yes it would help in analysis and other related stuff . They were against the idea of keeping old data because there are 5 server rooms in each building we own and we own 5 building [ total of 25 rooms data ] .

That is when I thought , hey wait , why not use Hive for this? A simple Custom_JSON transaction .


I set it up and running within 2 days and everything is working smoothly right now.

I can keep pushing the data [ right now it publishes to the blockchain only if the temperature is equal to or above 20* C ]

I can read the historical data and I need not spend any money on this unless I run out of RC .

I delegated some RC from my main account to account for testing it out . The testing is complete and we will be making it live in the coming month .



Now this wasn't sensitive data so I didn't use any encryption . If needed I will just encrypt the JSON and push it to the blockchain .

Here "T" is the temperature and "Name" is the Building Name and "Server Room" is self-explanatory .

Only thing I need to make sure is that I have enough RC in the account .

Will post the results when all 25 rooms data is live

After this project , I am thinking if there is any other data that I can push to Hive after encryption instead of putting it all in the MySQL database .

Regards ,

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This is terrific. We are looking at so many options. I want to talk to you about your AI idea also. Can we use GPT-3 for something amazing on Hive? I think I have something in mind.

DM me.

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Sure I just saw your DM .

Working on it .

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Wow, this is great. Another usercase for hive. Good to be part of this community

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Good to be part of this community

Same here mate :)

The usecases is huge we just have to put our mind and effort to it.

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It is great to know you are utilizing Hive for your project, the capabilities of Hive are numerous.

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the capabilities of Hive are numerous.

Without any doubt . I am exploring more ways to use Hive.

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That is great practical, cheap and decentralized use.

Exact words I told my Manager when he asked why blockchain?

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We're so focused on posting for upvotes and earnings, that we tend to forget that blockchain can be used for so much more. This is a practical application of blockchain to solve a workplace problem. This is a great example of how programmers and developers can use Hive blockchain in the workplace.

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Now this is thinking outside the box.

Great work mate!

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Thanks a lot :)

Just a start, thinking of utilizing Hive more .

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That is an interesting use case and I think that is good. I just wonder what would happen when we have more people transacting on Hive because RC cost might just go up by a lot.

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I just wonder what would happen when we have more people transacting on Hive because RC cost might just go up by a lot.

Which is good isn't it? It will put buy pressure on Hive . I wouldn't mind buying Hive to increase my RC .

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