HiveCommunityStats(HCS) tool announcement - Get your data + Get rewarded for engaging with others in LeoFinance , CTPTalk , SPS . Next on list - STEM

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Good morning to everyone , today I am here to announce the release of my last project ( atleast for now ) which is - or simply HCS tool .

This is the 3rd app that I have released for now -
First was HTS in which you can see BRO , INDEX , DHEDGE , EDS dividends + APR + some other data and charts.

Second was HBS in which you can see the buy history , sell history , buy and sell average etc .


What is it ?

It is tool which you can use for basically 2 things

  • You get paid for being active on communities
  • You can see your data ( Posts + comments ) ( Right now you can see only today's data , I will keep on updating it to add more data )

Is it a faucet ?

It is kind of a faucet but you won't be able to claim every 5 minutes or so and it is not just filling out a captcha . Although you get paid in certain tokens you need to do some work which I will explain below .

Who sponsors the token ?

Right now , I do . I have created @amr008.rewards account just for this purpose . I have filled it with LEO , CTP and SPORTS tokens now . So as long as that account has money you can claim rewards .


There are two purpose for this

  1. To increase the engagement in the community .
  2. To reward those who spend time to engage with others .

In order to do this , I have implemented certain criteria / conditions in reward claiming which should benefit both community owners + community + users .

How does it work ?


  1. Give your name and select token which you want to claim reward for in the left part of the page - right now only 3 tokens are available


  1. Click on claim rewards, it will gather today's data for your account and display it + it will check whether you are eligible to claim the reward .

  2. If you are eligible - that's it , it will automatically be sent to your account ( if it is indeed your account lol so don't try with others account , nothing happens it will just go to their account )

  3. If you are not eligible , it will show you the reason , just finish that task and come back to claim .

Examples of all scenerio -

  1. Not enough comments made -

  2. Comments criteria completed but quality is poor -

  3. Let's say you passed all -

  4. If you try to claim again -

And as you can see , below the data for today will be displayed. I will add more data to this in future.

Calculations and things to note.


  1. All the data is is UTC timings so you might feel you have posted a lot but the calculation is in UTC timings so you have to unfortunately follow that .

  2. You can claim ONE TOKEN ONLY ONCE PER DAY . That means you can claim LEO , SPORTS , CTP all on the same day but each token = once .

  3. If you want to claim LEO , you should post from Leofinance front end because only that will be considered . Similarly if you want to claim SPORTS , only comments from SPORTSTALKSOCIAL frontend is considered .

  4. I am taking only comments into count and not posts , this is because I want to encourage engagement + already @leo.voter @stemgeeks @ctpsb are voting posts which are made through their front-end . My focus will be on comments for now .


  1. You have to make atleast 10 comments from particular front-end
  2. You have to engage with atleast 5 authors

Hidden-criteria -

  1. I have written a simple algorithm to check the quality is posts , this is done by removing various stuff like ( POSTED USING So and so ) and calculating purely what you have commented + various other factors .

  2. You cannot rush through and comment in 10 minutes . The code checks the duration you have taken to post the comments ( I have not made it tooo long but not too short too )

Reward Calculation

The rewards are not fixed . It is not 0.003 LEO to everyone .

  1. The algorithm calculates the quality of all comments based on various factors which I have mentioned above and decides a percentage - say "p".

  2. I hold the rewards in @amr008.rewards so ( "p" * funds ) is given out to users . So if you engage more and post quality comments you get more percent from funds .

  3. So the bigger the funds - the bigger the payout .

Where do I raise the fund for @amr008.rewards

  1. SPORTS - I will raise it through a proposal soon.
  2. LEO - I am giving it out of my hand for now .
  3. CTP - Same as 2 .

Tomorrow I will add STEM for posting from STEMGeeks frontend , which will be out of my pocket too for now.

How can you help

  1. You can sponsor by sending any of the above token to @amr008.cold . I repeat , don't send to @amr008.rewards but to @amr008.cold just for security purpose . All the amount I receive to @amr008.cold ( which means cold storage ) will be sent to @amr008.rewards .

  2. You can add @amr008.cold as beneficiery to held it receive rewards .

  3. Just reblogging this will help.

  4. If you find any bug , please let me know .

  5. If you want to add your own token to give to users , please contact me on Discord - AMR#2274 .

What's next ?

  1. I won't be taking any new projects . I will keep working on improving the existing 3 projects.

  2. I will add STEM to the tool tomorrow once I gather enough liquid STEM.

Let me know if you tried it and if you got the rewards.

Sorry for the long post .


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Question: When does the time reset so we know when comments count?

Just for reference. I thought I commented more on some topics but it may of counted towards the previous day.

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Hey @jfang003 . I will display the date and time right away . All the time is in UTC so when it hits 00:00:00 on UTC time it will reset .

I just pulled your data and seems like you have made 23 comments today and out of it 19 from leofinance , is that what it showed?

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Yes that is what it currently shows for me. Also collected rewards for LEO. Though I don't think I'll make 10 for CTP and SPORTS.

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I just added the time and also in next update ( most probably on sunday ) I will put more data like last 2 days posts details and comment details so it will be more clear :)

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Nice. That would be very nice so people know exactly what they need to do. Less confusion when claiming rewards is a good thing.

Hey it is just 7 23 am right now UTC . You got plenty of time.

OOps. I need to start computation to know where my time zone syncs.

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Ah I think in long term it won't matter . You have to just focus on completing in 24 hours , only the first day it will matter.

Oh wow this worked! Thank you so much @amr008 !wine

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Seems like you are the first one to claim the rewards :)

Was it smooth enough ? Did you find any difficulty?

And remember you can still go to ctptalk and sportstalksocial to comment and claim those tokens too.

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It was super easy, barely an inconvenience :D

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Great thank you so much.

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I just claimed 0.009 LEO just now. THis effort deserves a huge support from the communities.

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Thanks a lot . 0.009 LEO because my @amr008.rewards doesn't have much LEO in it right now.

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Great stuff, keep the dev work going :D

Thanks a lot :)
Will try to make all these projects more interesting.

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Man that is a great tool! I believe that it's really necessary to bring additional value to commenting on the blockchain. The way you do this also allows to support the usage of the specific front-ends. This will mean more page impressions, more income, more token burnt!

If I understood the concept correctly, you are actually paying these rewards from your own pocket? My suggestion would be to instead of paying rewards to use upvote capacities. I would imagine that you have this reward account upvoting one comment of the person who solicitates a payout which got accepted by the algorithm.

It could be a minimal upvote of 1 - 3% according to quality of commenting. With low percentages you don't run out of voting power. Then we could link specific accounts to those upvotes. Meaning that according to the front-end, it could deliver a vote in LEO, CTP or Sports. These accounts would feed from their own curation rewards and they would grow over time. You could calculate the upvote value according to the voting power of the account to make sure it doesn't run of voting power. To push the project people could delegate tokens to these reward accounts.

This is just a suggestion. I really love the concept and the realisation!

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When I started coding this , I thought about voting instead of Liquid earnings but didn't go for it for following reasons

1.Unfortunately I don't have that amount of tokens staked .

  1. First I want to collect data of how many people are using this consistently and then make this decision.

But eventually the plan is to move from Liquid token transfer to upvoting.
Thanks a ton for the suggestion.

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It's just an idea how to improve but the whole concept is great already! Great coding :-)

I agree with you completely though . If I want to make this project sustainable , I will have to shift to voting from liquid transfer . Will see what I can do in that matter :) Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your opinion.

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It's good to know that it will eventually turn into voting. I kind of feel bad taking liquid rewards from the account because it means it would not be growing much.

It could be a minimal upvote of 1 - 3% according to quality of commenting. With low percentages you don't run out of voting power. Then we could link specific accounts to those upvotes. Meaning that according to the front-end, it could deliver a vote in LEO, CTP or Sports. These accounts would feed from their own curation rewards and they would grow over time. You could calculate the upvote value according to the voting power of the account to make sure it doesn't run of voting power. To push the project people could delegate tokens to these reward accounts.

Awesome thoughts here. Indeed, other supporters could delegate tokens to the account for sustainability sake.

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I believe there would be quite a lot of people interested in supporting such a project.

Engagement reward proposal ? Wow what a ticker! I will raise extra funds for this faucet idea you have just put in place. Really sounds great

this is a cool idea. I love to comment anyway so it should be fun.

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Thank you @tulwave :) Let me know how it goes once you try it.

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Awesome work....
Good to encourage engagement from different front ends...
Ca you please help me to calculate my curation rewards (token wise and within particular dates)?

Thank you

Regarding the curation data I have tried it before but failed because hive-engine API doesn't provide that info.
Let's see what I can do and get back to you.

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You can get stats on your curation rewards from

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Hivestats only provide hive data only I guess not for other 2nd layer taken...

Check through my blog you'll see several posts I have made showing my Hive-engine curation anc author rewards courtesy of Hivestats stats.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Will definitely help increase the engagement

Thank you :) hope so. Did you try it out?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes I did
Unfortunately I m not eligible for prize 😂

Oh lol don't worry the day is still young. Engage more and try again in a while :)
How many more comments are you short of?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I had 5 comments but all from Ecency
Which does not count I guess ☹️

Well no :( Unfortunately I haven't added Ecency for now . Maybe in future when I add Hive rewards , I will add Ecency , peakd and but right now I am more focused on tribes.

But don't worry about today , you can do it tomorrow :)

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i got it finally, just used leo finance interface and went back to claim the reward.
Thanks a lot

That's amazing :) Keep engaging and keep getting the rewards.

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Great stuff. Thanks for creating such a toold.
What happens if I comment directly on

Most welcome @cheetahfaith .nothing happens actually but it won't be counted for claiming any token ( maybe if I add Hive in future I will count peakd and too)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thank you. That would be fantastic.

I just need to make income source for funds you know to make it sustainable.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Sure, I understand

Great tool with real usecase. I think you will get community supports from the ones that you mentioned, too 😌

Hope so :) I will not take any cut . All goes back to users.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I'm off to preview the tool. I'll be back to re-read this post and share my thoughts.
Indeed, this is an amazing tool. Thank you. This would indeed be useful to track and reward engagements in the second layer communities. I will send a bunch of supports to you for SPORTS rewards and maybe you'll adjust the algorithm for the rewards to be in tens of SPORTS. I'm making a post on this.

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This means a lot to me . Can't thank you enough @onealfa.leo , inspires me to do more. Thanks once again.

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I am already liking it and would be happy to support whatever little i can

Thank you for the support , appreciate it.

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