HiveBreakEven-Stats tool announcement . How much have you bought , sold , received , transferred - how much on average have you paid for all of your HE tokens?

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Good morning to everyone . I hope you all are having a great day. Last week I released a tool which shows your BRO , INDEX , DHEDGE and EDS dividends . I got positive feedback from it and users found it pretty helpful .

Although I felt happy about it , it was still something which wasn't open to all users , meaning- not everyone holds those particular tokens . So I created another app - which targets all the users .

HiveBreakEven Stats

I guess you already got an idea what it is about . It is a very simple application that I have built which you can use to see how much ( a particular token ) you have bought , sold , sent to others and received from others .


Many a time we hold a lot of coins and we lose track of how much of it is bought and for what price ?
Unless you keep a note of it or use excel to track it , it is pretty hard .


This app does just that - you can view you trade history ( completely or just summary of it ) on the right side .

How to use it

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your username on the left side

  3. Select the token you want to see the results for or just start typing it will show up , click on the token -


  4. Hit enter and one of the part I am super happy about is it is super fast -


Output must be something like this -


Example with calculations ( IMPORTANT )

Let me take an example of how I have performed the calculations and what all I have added -


  1. It goes through you complete buy history and prices you bough it at and calculates average buy .

  2. Same for sell history and average sell.

  3. It searches how many coins you have sent to others and stores it in send_quantity.

  4. It searches how many coins you have received from others ( including curation + author rewards + what others send you) and stores it in buy_quantity .

  5. It does the following calculation to calculate your present average-

= (Buy_amount - sell_amount) / (buy_quantity-sell_quantity + received_quantity - sent_quantity)

  1. If you have already got back what you invested , it will show you -


  1. If you are yet to break-even , it will show you the current average price of each token -


Note - P/L is calculated only based on what you have already bought and sold

Why sending and receiving history matters?

  1. Let's say I bought 10 LEO at 10 Hive totally , that means 1 HIVE per 1 LEO .

  2. Tomorrow I made a post and earned rewards - say I got 10 LEO from that post - now I have 20 LEO in my wallet but I have only spent 10 HIVE totally , so what is the average spent ? It is not 1 HIVE per 1 LEO anymore , it is 0.5 HIVE per 1 LEO right?

  3. Let's go back to step 1 , I bought 10 LEO with 10 Hive , I haven't posted anything or received from anyone . Say I want to buy @lbi-token and send 5 LEO to @lbi-token . I have 5 LEO right now but I have spent 10 HIVE , does the average remain same now ? No - it is 6 / 10 now which is 2 HIVE per LEO spent .

    • You get LBI token separately but it doesn't come in the picture now, when you are focusing on one token you must (-) it when you send .

I hope this part is clear . Many usually calculate buy - sell to calculate profit/ loss but I feel this gives a better picture .

Real life example would be this -

1.You bought 1 TESLA share at say 100 $

  1. One of your friend sent you another share as a gift . Now your average is not 100$ per share but just 50$ .


There are a drawback in this - You can use the app to calculate any tribe token but not for certain tokens like @lbi-token and DHEDGE . Why ? Because you are not buying it from the market directly but you are transferring some coin in exchange of another coin . So the calculation doesn't make sense in this context . Maybe I will try to add seperate calculation for @lbi-token in future but right now you have to forgive me .


Your feedback is very important to me , let me know what you think of the calculations and if you used the app let me know how quick it was .

Will you be using this app frequently?

What's next ?

  1. All the data which is being displayed now is in current state , I want to go further and add calculations for : " What if I buy 1000 CTP tokens to my already existing balance ? What will my future average will be ? "

  2. Segregate data based on - How much was received from contract tokens , how much did you send others , how much did you receive from others etc.

My other app -



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You've been on a roll man!

Wow, so cool...And I know the number guys will LOVE this :)

Nice to see what you can sell at to make a little bit of profit!

Thanks a lot @jongolson :) Means a lot . Will fine tune it a bit in the next update and maybe in future I will add more stats like - whom have you sent the tokens most to , pie chart and stuff.

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Nice one, keep developing :D

Thanks @abh12345.stem , means a lot .

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Your feedback is very important to me , let me know what you think of the calculations and if you used the app let me know how quick it was .

The app works flawlessly! It was fast and I like the stats presented... Oh, I see that you mentioned charts in the comment section... That would be even more awesome :) People like graphs and colorful things :)

Great job!

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Thanks for the feedback @ph1102 . I will definitely add more stats and present it better in near future :)

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Thank you so much for this great gem. It really makes sense to be able to calculate your profit and loss this way you'll be more aware of all your earnings.

This way you are the bank yourself.

I would definitely keep using this app. Keep up the great work. 🦁🦁🦁🦁

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Thanks a lot for the kind words.

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You're always welcome

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nice tool dear.. looks like I'm having a good profit with my investment into the LEO token. cheers

Great :) that's the purpose of why built it , so that it becomes easier for everyone to calculate their investment.

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Nice work...
Very fast....
Love to see the date selection in update along with curation and author rewards

Thanks :)
Date selection is something which others asked too , I will hopefully get to it soon but right now I am focusing on more updates.

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Wow! Amazing app! Just found it, and it's so cool! I love these kinds of stats, and I'm sharing the site with some friends. Great work!

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Thank you @aliento.leo :) have a good day ahead.

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This is super cool to use, I never really expect to have such good APR returns on a few of the things I have, Was extremely suprised that INDEX was only at 1.2% APR though, kinda makes sense since it's not been running for very long.

My witness node - Stream on

Thank you :)

Yeah I don't think we should be considering APR on INDEX yet. It's a very young project . Maybe if we give it time , say 5-6 months then we can see some good returns.

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wow, this is brilliant!!! This has solve over 70% of my challenges. Thank you so much and it's my pleasure to reblog this post for the benefit of others within my connections too. This is pretty helpful @amr008

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Thank you for the feedback @daniky :) appreciate it

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It's my pleasure @amr008. Thank you once more

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