HCS tool - shifting from liquid payouts to curating top engagers . Requesting delegation in LEO , CTP , SPORTS and STEM . Let's increase the engagement further.

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Good morning to everyone , hope you all are having a nice day . I had been writing a code to see who the top commentors on each platforms are everyday just so to get a picture of what I can do to increase the engagement .


I released a tool couple of days ago which works like a faucet , You make enough quality comments you get paid in LEO , CTP , SPORTS but you have to make those comments from those particular front-end itself .

Why the shift from liquid payouts to voting them?

As many users pointed it out , it is not sustainable . I can't keep giving them away without any source of income to the rewards account so I took the suggestion from others and am shifting from liquid payouts to upvoting.

Who gets the upvotes ?

We all know one of the biggest reasons for the success of LeoFinance is engagement and its community . There are tons of people who are out there who might not add great value to the platform via their posts but they add tons of value via their comments .

This is why everyday I calculate the top 25 people on LeoFinance.io , Sportstalksocial and Ctptalk.com as well as STEMGeeks platform and reward them with my upvotes .

Why should you delegate to this project ?

Because this project rewards those who are putting a lot of effort in making contribution to the platform . Most of the other upvoting project focuses on enlarging the rewards of the delegators but my main focus is to reward those who put time and mind to improve the platform quality .

This way we recognize the people who add value via their engagement and reward them daily .

Requesting Delegation in CTP , SPORTS , LEO and SPORTS .

  1. I have 4 accounts setup - I am requesting delegation from your side ( Not in hive but in these specific tokens to the following accounts )

But read the below points before making the delegations .

LEO account - @amr008.leo
CTP account - @amr008.ctp
STEM account - @amr008.stem
SPORTS account - @amr008.sports

How does it work ?

  1. Everyday I will fetch the data for previous day's engagement .
  2. I will calculate the Top 25 ranks based on various factors ( more about this below ) .
  3. I will calculate the upvote value for each of them based on their contribution .
  4. Maximum of 1 upvote per user per community ( if you are in top 25 in all the community that means you get upvote in all of those )


These are the factors which matters -

  1. Number of comments made .
  2. Number of authors talked to .
  3. Quality of comments ( length of the comments ) .
  4. Frontend used .

Note - only comments will be considered for this challenge, not posts

I have given each of the above a certain weightage and will calculate the top 25 based on that . In simple layman words , do the 3 steps above as much as possible and you will see yourself in top 25 .

Can I post from any frontend?

This is the most important part . I currently have set this project up for 4 tribe tokens - LEO , CTP , STEM , SPORTS .

Your calculation is based on only those comments which you post from the respective front-ends and not any other -

You have to post it from https://leofinance.io , https://STEMGeeks.net , https://CTPTalk.com , https://sportstalksocial.com

This is done to ensure that the tribe is helped in generating traffic .

Upvoting weight is same for all top 25 ?

No , I have divided the upvoted weight among the top 25 in such a way that the person at 1st rank gets more than 2nd and 2nd gets more than 3rd and so on but totally the weight is equal to 1000% ( 10 * 100% ) percent .

I have already run a test to see if it works and it does -


Requesting Delegation again .

Now if you like the idea and want to support it through delegation here are the accounts .

LEO account - @amr008.leo
CTP account - @amr008.ctp
STEM account - @amr008.stem
SPORTS account - @amr008.sports

Will you get back anything for delegating ?

Yes , 100% of liquid rewards of all the above tokens will be paid out to delegators ( except LEO in which 50% is powered up and 50% is paid back because they pay completely in liquid form ) .

When will the upvoting start ?

I have already started upvoting from those accounts to the top 25 users from yesterday so if you want to earn them , start posting on the respective front-ends . I will post the payout details tomorrow so that everyday gets a much better picture .

Tagging @abh12345 so that he doesn't sue me for trying similar project to one he does . I had this idea for a while and want to implement it , hope you are okay and supportive of this .

Hoping to hear back from you all :) Thank you for reading this.


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Awesome stuff AMR you're spoiling us you know that already 🤣
Delegated some SPORTS and CTP :)
Let's go 💪

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Lol . Thanks a lot for the support :) I will post the stats soon how it went today and how much delegation don't forget to check it out :)

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I delegated my STEM. Isn't much but I do still use the other 3 to some extent so I still curate content. I don't exactly do much in the STEM community except when it shows up every now and then.

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Well I will talk with themarky to see if I can start a thread everyday like @leomarkettalk where we can talk about Science , environment , math and stuff .

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Awesome work. I hope the delegations roll in. I’ll delegate some sport for sure. I’ll go do it now.

Great :) thanks a lot for your support.

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I've been looking for something to delegate LP to. This looks like it.

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Thanks a lot for the support :)

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This looks like a great project!

Is there a minimum delegation? I'm considering helping, but I'm very new to the community so I don't have much yet.

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No sir there is no minimum delegation. You can delegate as much as you like and I will pay back 100% liquid curation rewards. Thanks for the support.

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Very nice man...I'll send some delegation to you :)

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Great. Thanks for the support :)

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Delegated some tokens I had laying around. Not much, but I hope it helps!

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Every token helps :) thanks for the support.

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Good initiative ! What if I’m active on sports and Leo, I can pick only one for the reward right ?

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No . If you are in top 25 in all the tribes then you will get upvotes in all of it.

From now on you don't need to claim anything too , in couple of days I will close the liquid payouts .

If you are in top 25 you get upvotes automatically. ( Once a day I will post the stats too so tomorrow when I post the stats you will get a clear picture )

Did it make sense?

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Yes all clear. In a way I prefer a vote than a manual action required from me. I have way too many things to do daily already haha.

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Absolutely. Claiming everyday is boring and just think - what if you posted a lot and didn't get rewarded just because you forget to click a button .

That's what happens to me with actifit actually - I cross 5k steps everyday but don't post it most of the days

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Intresting project... you are taking the feedback in positive was and impleme the updates accordingly...good job dear... will check my spare token to delagate....

Maximum of 1 upvote per user.

Is it for each category or only one upvote among all?

Is it for each category or only one upvote among all?

Oh that's my mistake I made it confusing . It is one upvote per community, not among all. I will edit it and update.

So maximum you get 4 upvotes in all tribes.

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Wow, what a cool initiative!
It's good to reward the people engaging in the comments as this is sometimes undervalued.

Do you take a minimum number of characters into account?
And what's with the 'Claim rewards' button on the site?

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And what's with the 'Claim rewards' button on the site?

Sorry forgot to answer this -

I am right now giving away liquid rewards if you have commented atleast 10 comments from various front-ends .

Like you posted 10 comments from Leofinance? ( It will calculate quality over there too ) and if you pass in quality test you each certain number of Leo .

You posted 10 comments from Sportstalksocial front-end ? You get certain amount of SPORTS .

But it is unsustainable, I can't give the liquid rewards forever - so I am planning to shift from that to this .

I hope I am clear in explaining .

This is an example , I just claimed it -


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Wow, what a cool initiative!

Thank you very much :)

Do you take a minimum number of characters into account?

No but it works like this - I take all the comments into count ( even if you had replied just "Yes" ) but I calculate the "quality value" based on various factors ( like how many authors did you talk to ? How many comments did you make totally ? etc ) which includes comment length as a factor too . So if your character count is less - it will affect the quality value and it will result in drop in rank .

I will post the stats of today's upvotes for top 25 engages for all tribes , everything will be clear then :)

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I hope it's automatic as I pln to delegate my 100+ ctp staked. Just delegate and be added right?

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Thanks a lot for your support @marvinix , yes it is automatic . You need to just delegate to @amr008.ctp if it is CTP .

If it is other coins , the respective accounts which I have mentioned in the post.

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Alright thank you I'll do just that now and start commenting

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Cool to see this. I did delegate you some Sports for now, not much, but still more than half from what I own. Use them wisely!

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Thank you very much for your support.
I will post the stats of how the project is working and to which users it is upvoting . Will make it as transparent as possible..
Hope that will make more users believe in the project .

Once again thanks for the delegation.

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You are welcome! I support people building the chain and developing different projects on it!

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Great project that will encourage engagement and also help people to improve their commenting. As promised I will delegate 500 CTP.

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Thanks @achim03 , means a lot :)
Will release the data tomorrow of how it went .
Appreciate all the support.

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Amazing initiative! I hope to see you make a proposal about this on STS to get some funding and/or delegations.
I'm gonna delegate som to you aswell soe CTP, STEM and Sport.

I just started the petition for the project. Please provide your valuable feedback there ;)

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Already did :)

Beautiful development. Glad that many are already appreciating this build that would make engagement in Hive better.

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True , I never expected this kind of response . I am glad people are appreciating it. Anyway I will keep on trying to make it better

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Hi @amr008. Looks like an amazing project. I would like to know if I delegate Sports tokens to amr008.sports account should I use sportstalksocial.com app to receive curation rewards?

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No @damla . Delegation and Engagement both are separate from user point of view .

You can delegate and not be active on Sportstalksocial but you will still receive your dividends / payouts every week.

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Awesome. I will definitely delegate some tokens asap. Thanks for your efforts; it is really appreciated.

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You are most welcome :) Feel free to ask any questions regarding the project.

I figured my friend @sozdemir may like this project and delegate his tokens.

@sozdemir bize delegate ettiğin tokenlarını geri alıp bunlara delegasyon yapabilirsin bak. Haftalık divident gönderiyorlar. Zaten mahcubuz sana karşı ve bu aralar bizde de pek sports yazısı yazan yok. İstersen bir dene :))

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Thanks a lot @damla :) This definitely helps the project . You not only delegated yourself but also promoting the project .

@sozdemir listen to your friend lol

Teşekkürler @damla
Bu projeyi anlayamadım delegasyon karşılığı token mi gönderiyorlar

Rica ederim @sozdemir
Evet gov hesabından token desteği almaya çalışıyorlar dönüşler iyi olabilir. Takip etmek lazım. Eğer senin hoşuna giderse belki delegasyon yapmak istersin diye haber vereyim dedim. Bize delegasyon yaptığın tokenlar boş duruyor onları geri alıp buraya göndermek istersin belki.

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I don't have much. but at least I can delegate some SPORTS as my tiny support.

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As I always say , every single token helps :) So thanks a lot for the delegation .