Engagement project - 14th Februrary top engagers - Get curated for enaging with others - First day curation stats .

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Good morning to everyone , yesterday I announced that I will move the engagement project from liquid payouts to curating the top 25 enagagers in 4 communities ( LEO , CTP , SPORTS , STEM ) . Here are the stats of 1st day upvoting but before that let's look at some numbers -

Ranks in various front-end

Note to caluclate upvote percentage - just do - (upvote / 100)









Total enagers in top 25

  1. Leofinance - 25 / 25
  2. Ctptalk - 17 / 25
  3. Sportstalksocial - 20/25
  4. Stemgeeks - 1/25

Upvoted accounts + links -


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink

Change of certain rules

  1. Yesterday in my announcement post I stated that in each community , users will get upvoted only once - I changed it to users can get multiple upvotes in they are in top 25 and the quality is good enough -

    • Reason - If you look at SPORTS , STEM , CTP you can see that there is a lot of difference between 1st user and last user . It is not right to upvote 100% to both of them -

      • Example - Let's say @metzli took time to hop on to stemgeeks.net and post 10 comments and I hop on to stemgeeks.net and make 1 comment . Is it fair to hold the 1 upvote per user and vote both of them 100% ?
    • That is why I have divided the 1000% ( which is the regenerating power everyday ) based on quality of the user posts , so the upvote is calculated based on quality and if you can are eligible to get 4 votes , you will be upvoted 4 time on different comments .

Upvote value -

Right now upvote value for 100% upvote @ 100% RC is this -

@amr008.leo - 0.033 LEO which is equal to 0.09 HIVE .

@amr008.ctp - 2.3 CTP which is equal to 0.9 HIVE .

@amr008.stem - 0.1 STEM which is equal to 0.012 HIVE.

@amr008.sports - 370 SPORTS which is equal to 0.15 HIVE .

There is less competition in STEMGeeks , so don't waste the opportunity and start engaging . All you have to do is hop on that front-end and engage with other users . Don't forget to keep the quality good .




Total CTP delegation: 11568.893



Total STEM delegation: 711.864163



Total Leo delegation: 390.0320



Total SPORTS delegation: SPORTS delegation: 1281018.125

If you want to delegate the tokens - here are the accounts - I will pay back 100% liquid rewards ( except LEO which will be powered up 50% and 50% will be given back ) to the delegators every week ( Sunday ) .

Leo - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports

Change in calculation for ranking from tomorrow

  1. I would like to confess that the calculation which is present now was not the best way to calculate the ranking because I gave more weightage to Average Comment length which is more than necessary . I have fixed it now and tomorrow you will see a much better and more balanced ranking - I apologize .

  2. The 1 actually holds good for LEO alone and the rest of the community ranking didn't even change 1 spot when I changed the code . Still I have made the changes to make the ranking fairer.

Please provide your valuable feedback regarding the project

Feel free to ask any question in the comments , I will answer them all.


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This is an excellent initiative mate and thanks for doing it. It also looks like a lot of hard work but hopefully, with your scripts, you can automate some of the transfers!
Best wishes with it and I hope you can keep it up :-)

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I replied to you but not sure where it went lol.

Anyway yes I have automated most of the things . It will pick up yesterday's comments , calculate the quality based on various factors .

But the only thing I keep on working everyday is to improve the calculations for quality .
Why? Because 100 comments a day doesn't mean anything if it is of bad quality . I hope you get what I mean .
I want to make the ranking as fair as possible.

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I do not realize if my name in ctp list .. I love ctp community

You are rank 9 in the CTPTalk list. It only counts comments made from the CTPTalk front-end and I guess there were not many participants today.

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It is there lebah . But seems like you have made only one comment from CTP frontend.
Remember - you have to go to ctptalk.com frontend and post only then it will be counted.

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Absolutely agree. Comment farming has always been a problem on-chain. Still people today simply typing 'great content' or 'good work'. I'd suggest weeding any that you find like this by reporting them to Hivewatchers on their report form. Hopefully, this will cut down on you manually having to check comments.

You could also perhaps apply a word count filter?

The last thing is to perhaps have a word with @abh12345, he has been running an excellent engagement league for years. Very nice fella and very approachable, I'm sure he'd give you some advice :-)

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Thanks for the write-up :D

amr008 contacted me on discord worried there was too much overlap but what he's doing here is pretty cool and requires more technical skills!

One of the dilemma I am facing is not counting less than 3 words comment.

Sometimes it matters you know -

Like if you ask which is the best token then I will reply LEO. Should I consider it or not ?

I am fine tuning the calculations .

Also yeah as soon as I announced this project I went to @abh12345 , he gave very valuable inputs .

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Thanks for the upvotes. I am kind of surprised that I am first for all LEO, Sports and CTP. I kind of struggled on Sports and CTP today as I barely got the minimum. I kind of prefer LEO since it is easier to keep a conversation going in the LEO market talk thread.

Also, the links don't work when you want to see the post.

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I will fix it as soon as I hop on to my laptop. Didn't realize they weren't working .I forgot to add the peakd.com prefix .

Also there is no minimum for upvotes . Even if you post 1 comment it will take you but to be at top you have to beat others + maintain comment quality.

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Nice work dear.. So this project is around quality commenting and upvoting them.. is that correct to say? cheers

Spot on . You are absolutely right . The comments should be made from different frontends though to be eligible.

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That’s great, you put that in place quite quickly. Do you guys realise how we got used to the lightning and fast pace associated to commenting on Leo ?
It’s really eating a bit of my soul every time I comment on another front end now.

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That’s great, you put that in place quite quickly.

Thank you :)

Do you guys realise how we got used to the lightning and fast pace associated to commenting on Leo ?
It’s really eating a bit of my soul every time I comment on another front end now.

Lol I hear what you are saying but think like this - if they are able to generate good ad revenue , they will be able to fund to develop a new UI :)

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Nice work by you.
I delegated my little STEM power to you.

Thanks a lot @saachi . Every token helps . Appreciate the support.

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Checking in on this alt to say keep up the good work :D

Got it :) I hope spaminator doesn't downvote us both lol

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Good day :)

I have delegated 500 LEO, 5000 STEM, and 500,000 SPORTS to the various accounts, hopefully this initiative can bring additional engagement to the tribes.

You don't know how much this encourages me . I will do my best to make users see the potential of other communities.

Thanks a lot for the support. Will pay back all liquid rewards on Sunday based on your delegation.

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It does seem positive, but why exactly did I end up on this list? I am certainly not one of the 10 most active members of Leofinance. Or do you just like me? <3

Lol yeah I like you but that's not the reason for you being on the list. The thing is I had given average comment length the most weightage so. But I actually changed the calculation to make the ranks fairer lol.

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@jfang003, Congratulations! Well done! Have a blessed and prosperous day! In the meantime while you are on the beach in a comfortable 85 degree bright sunny day and working up a thirst, have a !BEER on @kingneptune.

Hey @amr008, here is a little bit of BEER from @kingneptune for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I want to delegate to @amr008.sports, but I seem not to know how to delegate sports from sportstalk

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Hi @corporateay! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @amr008
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

I want to delegate 3000 sp to @amr008

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Hi @corporateay! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
hivesigner 3000.0 SP delegation to @amr008.

hey @corporateay , I am very happy you want to delegate . Well the easiest way is to delegate through Hive-Engine .

Go to https://hive-engine.com . Login , go to wallet , there you can click <-> this symbol beside SPORTS , it will ask amount and account . fill the amount and @amr008.sports in those field.

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Thanks brother, I am on it

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I delegated 10,000, please do confirm


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Am not sure, I think I can't delegate my staked sport token

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Hey which token is this and to which account did you delegate?

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@amr008, It's sports, but I don't think it went, I didn't see any traces that it left either.
Can't I delegate my staked sports, maybe it's only the liquid?

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I sent some liquid sports to someone yesterday, and I got the message, but I didn't get any for the delegation, so I would retry today.

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I just tried delegating 5000, just confirm, so we know where we go from there

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I don't see any actually. Did it go through?

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This is a great initiative. Than you for starting this and Best of Luck for the future!

Thank you very much @vimukti :)

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You are welcome!

Thank for the upvote