Weekly Dividends paid - Engagement Project + 20 HIVE(+ 1 LBI ) contest ( STEM Engagement contest )

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Good evening to everyone , last week I started the engagement project and it is going really well . We could see the increased engagement in SPORTS , CTP and I am very happy with how things are going .

Full liquid payout

This time I have paid full Liquid payouts of STEM , SPORTS as I had mentioned and also 100% rewards of CTP and LEO as well , that means CTP and LEO token has been powered up .

Two reasons for this -

  1. To offer decent payout to delegators
  2. I have been delegating from my main account so the curation accounts are growing anyway.


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in LEO


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in CTP


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in STEM


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


In order to increase other delegators payouts I have taken following steps


Although @amr008 and @sports-gov has delegated to @amr008.sports both doesn't take their cut in delegation instead their cut is distributed to other delegators .


Although @amr008 and @clicktrackprofit has delegated to @amr008.ctp , @amr008 doesn't take 100% of its cut and @clicktrackprofit takes only 50% of its cut . It is distributed among all other delegators .


Same as above . @amr008 account doesn't take its cut although it has delegated .

Next week payments will increase for SPORTS and maybe for others too

How ? Because this week 10 Million has been delegated by @sports-gov which obviously will increase the curation reward which will be reflected in next weeks payment .


The APR has been calculated based on 10 days ( because the project has been running for 10 days now)

Although this project mainly aims at upvoting engagers/ commentors still delegators are equally important . I will do whatever is in my hands to
- Make the project grow
- make the delegators happy
- make the engagers happy
- make the community happy

APR for LEO - 21.8%
APR for CTP - 23.55% ( You should delegate because CTP usually offers 14-15% APR for curation )
APR for STEM - 6.8% ( Due to less number of comments , the full 10000% wasn't used everyday )
APR for SPORTS - 18.4% ( This will increase next week )

Hive Giveaway - 20 HIVE + 1 LBI - 1 winner takes all

I will giveaway 20 HIVE on 8th of March ( Next Monday ) to number 1 engager on STEM .

How does it work ?

  1. You have to be in Top 25 ranking everyday from 1st March to 7th March in my Engagement Project for STEM .
  2. That means you have to comment from https://Stemgeeks.net .
  3. Final rank on 8th March will be considered to declare the winner.

How the Final rank will be calculated ?

  1. Your rank on each day in my Engagement Project in STEM will be added . Whoever has the highest rank on 8th March will get the 20 HIVE and LBI and possibly more tokens as well.

Example : @abh12345 and @amr008 are ranked in the following way in STEM engagement from 1st to 7th

Date@abh12345 Rank@amr008 Rank
1st March21
2nd March13
3rd March41
4th March64
5th March18
6th March12
7th March21

Now I will add all the ranking for both users -

@abh12345 = 2+1+4+6+1+1+2 = 17
@amr008 = 1+3+1+4+8+2+1 = 20

So clearly @abh12345 is ranked above @amr008 and will be declared as the winner .

Note: You have to be in top 25 in STEM each and everyday to qualify

Reblog this to make it more visible .

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Thanks for the payments. I will delegate more tokens very soon 👍

Thanks for the support , I hope you are happy with the payouts.

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This is a decent APR for the project and as I am participating in the project, I am getting some of the upvotes.

Looks like a good incentive for STEM. I don't know how much I'll be participating as the DBuzz mini math contest will be ending. I'll see if I drop by and comment on a few articles now and then.

Well there are many good posts out there to engage with.

One such is math contest by @gungunkrishu , check it out.

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Damn, the APR for Leo is insane :D

Right? Best investment .

Buy power up and curate.

Ye :D

Gotta delegate leo to you when ai get my delegation back :D

What account do we delegate Leo to??
I will get mine back in 1 week

@amr008.leo is the curation account for LEO .

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How does one delegate leo or stem? Or does the hive delegation payout that apr in the tokens value?

No these are delegation accounts -

@amr008.leo for Leo
@amr008.stem for STEM
@amr008.sports for sports
@amr008.ctp for CTP

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thank you!

hey @amr008 I have delegated sport and ctp to the @amr008.ctp and @amr008.sports but will you tell me where I should delegate leo and stem

Yo buddy.
It seems like your herokuapp cant detecr Utopis. It says I don't own any Utopis, but I do have 177 xD

Hey I just checked , it says you haven't got any payouts from it yet . Once you get the payouts it will display .
Today is the payout ( since it is Monday ) but I will update it tomorrow so you will be able to see it tomorrow.

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Okay cool, ye well I checked after the payout because I wanted to see the APR :D

I updated it , you can check now . I wasn't feeling very well from last night so couldn't update , forgive me .

The APR is a good 99% lol .

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No problem buddy. Take care of yourself first :D

99% APR is quite huge, amazed to see these numbers

I know right , 99% APR at 3.5 Hive ( current price ) , think about those who bought it at 2 HIVE . That's over 150% APR.

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Ye thats insane! I only got in at 3.5 but thats still not bad :D

Well 3.5 is also great right lol?
I would use that to buy UTOPIS again. I have only 35 UTOPIS right now.

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Yes xD

You have really built an amazing project here. Hope to see more people joining in and that we can get more comments on the STEMGeeks frontend

Hey welcome back buddy.
Thank you for your kind words.

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Thanks for putting this initiative together. I have benefited from both the engagement side and the delegation side. There is no reason not to take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Thank you @theroad2freedom I am really happy by hearing that. I will try to start new intiatives to increase engagement as well as rewards for delegators.

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Nice project
I love the part that you want to make everyone happy. From commenters to delegator that's the spirit.

I'll try to increase my ctp stake this week to 200+. Hope to delegate more leo too with time

Keep up the good work brother. You're ding well 👍👍👍

I love the part that you want to make everyone happy. From commenters to delegator that's the spirit.

I guess that's the only way a project can really succeed I guess. That's why .

Also all the extra delegations are really appreciated.

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:) glad you are enjoying the project. I saw that you were increasing participation in enagagement..

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Nice job...
I have one doubt... why the total percentage us not 100 when sum up all (Delegation rewards)

Hey everything must add up to give 1 ..it is giving a bit less because I have rounded it up to 3 decimal point. So some who have less than 0.001 will be shows as 0 but actually they will get paid for their delegation.

Hope you got the answer?

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Thanks for the clarification...

I'm in for this contest.
Can't wait to be declared winner

That's the spirit :)
Glad you are participating..let's go.


Nice Apr and a good project 👍🏾

Thanks @abh12345 . Next week the sports payment will increase.

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