DHEDGE Dividends - DATA and CHARTS + Python Codes Inside

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Good morning to everyone . Have a fantastic day ahead .



In simple terms if I have to say what DHEDGE is -

An army of curation, trading, defi and posting tools are automated to increase capital as well as provide tokens into the daily payout account.

That is it . You buy DHEDGE using Hive or Steem or various other tokens available and the team will use that raised token to invest in various assets to increase the capital and give back to the holders every single day .

@dhedge-drips is the account used to pay out the dividends to the DHEDGE holders .

@discohedge is the official account .

You can buy the token here - H-E link

Which tokens does DHEDGE support ?

The meaning of the header is - Through which tokens you can buy DHEDGE -
The answer is -

On Chain Rates:
HIVE and STEEM can be sent directly to @discohedge
Base Mint Rate
1 HIVE Mints: 3.226 DHEDGE
1 STEEM Mints: 4.75 DHEDGE (See difference between this and SWAP.STEEM below to pick best rate)

So you can directly send Hive or Steem to @discohedge and your account will get DHEDGE in return . Sometimes there will be price difference between Hive and swap.hive , so check it before sending .

Hive Engine Token Rates:
Hive Engine tokens can be sent directly to @discohedge
Market Buyback Rate:
0.283 HIVE / DHEDGE (small market order hourly based on SWAP.HIVE holdings from trade profit)
1 ARCHONM Mints:
354.86022592 DHEDGE (Limit: 1.882277 ARCHONM)
1 ARCHON Mints:
0.83389906 DHEDGE (Limit: 7754.64315977 ARCHON)
1 EPC Mints:
0.00045161 DHEDGE (Limit: 8174149.953 EPC)
1 BRO Mints:
29.51599666 DHEDGE (Limit: 3121.35504763 BRO)
1 SWAP.HIVE Mints:
3.226 DHEDGE (Limit: 23232.73805759 SWAP.HIVE)
4.7096374 DHEDGE (Limit: 4743.45014 WORKERBEE)
1 BLURT Mints:
0.18074962 DHEDGE (Limit: 23667.857 BLURT)
4.21185047 DHEDGE (Limit: 24761.05016851 SWAP.STEEM)
1 SIM Mints:
0.01271038 DHEDGE (Limit: 1821838.682 SIM)

All the above tokens can be sent to @discohedge directly to get back DHEDGE .
The rates mentioned above are not constant - head to their discord channel to check the rates - https://discord.gg/mqQTuePk

Manual Mints:
Some tokens can only be exchanged manually
Blurt (on chain)
You can send Blurt directly from your blurt wallet (not Hive-engine BLURT) to @discohedge and DM @taskmanager in discord with the transaction amount.
EOS (on chain)
You can send EOS to: discohedge22 (not Hive-engine SWAP.EOS) and DM @taskmanager in discord with the transaction amount. Rates will be based on coingecko price vs best dhedge hive rate (same bonus as STEEM)
Eth (Coming Soon!)

Source- Discord

I love the above feature of @discohedge , I usually just send all the extra SIM or Archon to @discohedge and increase my holdings.

@discohedge payout from Jan 1 to Jan 23 .

import shelve 
import pandas as pd
import json
from datetime import datetime as dt
s=shelve.open('Blocks\Blockchain') # All blockchain data from Jan 1.
df=pd.DataFrame.from_dict(s.items()) # Converting to DataFrame


for i in range(0,len(df)):
    if(df['Transactions'][i]['Transaction']['action']=='transfer'): # Taking only transfer records 
        if 'events' in json_dhedge:
            if(json_dhedge['events'][0]['data']['from']=='dhedge-drips'): # Taking only those which is sent by @dhedge-drips
                all_drips_list.append([json_dhedge['events'][0]['data']['to'],json_dhedge['events'][0]['data']['symbol'],json_dhedge['events'][0]['data']['quantity'],pd.to_datetime(df['Transactions'][i]['Date']).date()])     # Storing it in a list 

df_drips= pd.DataFrame(all_drips_list) # Converting to Dataframe from list. 
set(df_drips['Symbol']) Printing unique values in Symbol column

Output -
I have written the explanation in the comments beside the code , check if you are interested :)

These are the tokens you will receive daily if you hold DHEDGE .

From Jan 1 to Jan 23 -

df_drips['Quantity']=pd.to_numeric(df_drips['Quantity']) # Converting to float value




Richlist - Top 25 holders

AccountAmount of DHEDGE held

Getting a particular user dividends -

I have taken @ecoinstats who currently hold around 20k DHEDGE to gather dividend details and it looks like this -




Note: @ecoinstats hold 20k as of now but the data is from Jan 1 to Jan 23 , the value of DHEDGE he holds changes from day to day and is not constant . All the data calculated now is based on current holdings

Note2 : ALl the above dividends are only for 2nd layer tokens . Apart form this @dhedge-drips also pays hive daily

Example for Hive payout - Example of @taskmaster4450 account who holds 610 DHEDGE right now -

Jan 1 to Jan 23


Total = 0.447 Hive .

Do you hold DHEDGE ? Do you want to know your data ? Drop a comment and I will get it for you :)

Thank you for reading and if there is any mistake in above calculations I would like to ask @taskmanager or @ecoinstant to correct me :)

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Intresting... I am not holding the token but looks like thatbit worth to gjve it a yry... will do some calculations and see if I can buy some...
Thanks for sharing..

Sure :) If you need any more info feel free to ask .

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Thanks for the DiscoHedge post! It is great to help make more people aware of the daily rewards of this token!

My pleasure :)


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Thanks for the wine!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I Re-hived this and would love to see my data.

hey @melinda010100 :) Thanks for the re-hive . Here is your total 2nd layer token dividends for the period of Jan 1 to Jan 23 :)


Here is your Hive dividends from @dhedge-drips account -


Total Hive for the period = 2.864 HIVE .

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I like it! DiscoHedge is a great token to have! Thanks for the data

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Yes I hold a small amount, and would like to know my data.

Also I did not know I could just send in a wallet transaction, since I have been buying from the H-E market, do I need to include a wallet memo or anything? or will you just take the 5 Hive and make it into Dhedge?

I am enjoying learning about all these Index funds.

This is how much you have got totally from Jan 1 to Jan 23 .


And yes you can directly send the hive or the tokens I have mentioned in the post to @discohedge . No Memo required .

You can also buy from H-E too , check the rates on discord to see which is better and then make the move. Hope this helped.

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While not large amounts they are still some and over time will grow.

Definitely. I will try to post about when you will break-even .

That will always be a changing number, mostly I plan on letting them sit, but still buy some and increase the amount I own, like I plan with the few other index type funds I own.

Still a break even point of owning 100 would be nice.

Yeah that is what I will do . I will try to take account holders of 100 and 1000 and 10k , will see the recent dividends for them and calculate .

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Very cool! Yes, I would like to see my data.

Also great to know I can send the coins you listed directly for DHEDGE. Will have to try that out. :)

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Hey @oldmans :) Looks like you got DHEDGE on 12th of January - This is your total dividends from 12th to 23rd Jan 2nd layer tokens -


This is your Hive dividends for the period from @dhedge-drips :) -

Total hive for the period = 0.093 HIVE .

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Thank you very much!

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You are most welcome . Let me know if you need any other data , regarding any token :)

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Will do.

When I tried the discord link in your post I got "invalid invite". I was looking to check prices.

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Is it ? Can you try this link ? https://discord.gg/kaYPMvxYpw

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That one worked. I was already signed up for Archon/Upfundme. Didn't realize DHEDGE was part of it. lol. Live and learn. :)

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Nice. I’m glad I’m in the top 25.

Good amount of DHEDGE :)

I love DHEDGE!

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I am with you :) I love it too.

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There are also the hive dividends, for me ~0.3 hive per day directly into my wallet.

I wanted to post that part in the morning itself that this post is showing only 2nd layer tokens and not Hive . Thanks for reminding :) I just updated it with an example .


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I was planning to buy some of these DHEDGE tokens but missed anyhow. At the moment the price is a bit high and will keep it on my watch list. thanks for sharing the details of the dividend. cheers

Well this post is also to create awareness among users who like to invest but are not sure about it. I just hope this post helps you make the decision.

Ohh please do me.

Hey @chronocrypto :)

Here is your Dhedge 2nd layer token dividends. Please note : This is from Jan 1 to Jan 26th . I will get the updated one which includes the whole of Jan next week :)


Do you need Hive dividends from dhedge-drips too??

Edit: Your total Hive payout from dhedge -

9.693 HIVE

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Great work.

Once again :) Thank you .


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for you

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That's very kind :)

Thanks @eii

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