BRO - dividends DATA and CHARTS + Python codes .

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Good morning to everyone , I have been posting recently about various investment tokens , how they are performing , how much they are paying to the holders.

Today the post is about one of the most rewarding tokens on Hive blockchain - The BRO token.


It is a token created by @raymondspeaks . To put it in simple words , he uses the money raised by selling BRO to invest in various projects and provide dividends to the holders .
If you want to buy it - go to H-E market since it can be puchased only on the market now .

The price right now is - 9 HIVE .

Dividends in 8 tokens

If you are holding BRO , you will receive dividends in 8 tokens .

import shelve 
import pandas as pd
import json
from datetime import datetime as dt'Blocks\Blockchain') # Where I store 2nd layer token transaction details

df=pd.DataFrame.from_dict(s.items()) # Converting to DataFrame 

df.columns=['Blocks','Transactions'] # Naming the columns 

Now let's dive into the real part -

for i in range(0,len(df)): 
    if(df['Transactions'][i]['Transaction']['action']=='transfer'):# To get only transfer tx
        if 'events' in json_all_transfers:
            if(str(json_all_transfers['events'][0]['data']['from']).startswith('brofund-')): # Since different tokens are sent by different accounts I have used startswith to match all the accounts
                brofund_list.append([json_all_transfers['events'][0]['data']['from'],json_all_transfers['events'][0]['data']['to'],json_all_transfers['events'][0]['data']['symbol'],json_all_transfers['events'][0]['data']['quantity'],pd.to_datetime(df['Transactions'][i]['Date']).date()]) # Storing it in a list . 

Output looks something like this if I print the above -


The above is only a part of the output , there are totally 37635 rows in the output .

df_brofund=pd.DataFrame(brofund_list) # Converting list to dataframe
df_brofund.columns=['from','to','symbol','quantity','date'] # Naming the columns
df_brofund['quantity']=pd.to_numeric(df_brofund['quantity']) # Converting to float type 
df_grouped=df_brofund.groupby(['date','symbol']).sum().reset_index() # Grouping the dividends using date and symbol column

Output -


#To get individual token details 


Now I have just plotted it in chart so I will stop with all this codes and stuff lol .

Dividends from BRO for the period Jan 1 to Jan 26

















Note: The above is dividends paid to all the holders of BRO for the period - JAN 1 to JAN 26.

We can see from the above that the dividends has been consistent to the holders . Although we can see dips on somedays , it has always recovered and paid good dividends to holders .

Example of @trumpman account who holds 1k BRO


For the period of Jan 1 to Jan 26 - @trumpman has got -


Example of @spinvest account which holds 4k BRO

For the period of Jan 1 to Jan 26 - @spinvest has got -


Do you hold BRO ?

If you want data for your account , let me know in the comments I will get it for you :)
But know that I can get only for the period Jan 1 to Jan 26 .

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Regards ,

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I got a tiny 14.5 bro at the moment, don't think I would have much gained from payouts yet. =p

That's a nice amount.

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At what price did you buy them ? That matters too - this is your total dividends from Jan 1 to Jan 26 -


Not bad I guess?

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can't remember, probably 8-9hive a piece only recently invested.

Oh okay I guess if you hold for long time you will get into profits . Since it holds a lot of LEO , the airdrop will be beneficial for the holders.

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I'd definitely like to know about my divdidends so far this month. Thanks in advance

Hey :) Sure here it is -


Are you happy with this amount ?

I definitely would be ;)

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Not too bad for passive income. Thanks a lot and have a great weekend! :<)

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Thanks Vincent:) you too have a great Sunday.

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It's Saturday here in Portugal haha
Are you on the other side of the world? :<)

Oh yes sir I'm from India.

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I actually lost track of days. It was Sunday here but I thought it was Saturday. That happens after working at home since 2016 and living in this crazy world.

It's about 5 hours later where you're at, so mostly the same day :<)

Nice work dear.. I've some BRO tokens can you pull out the report for me to analyze and see how I'm doing with my investment. cheers

Hey @gungunkrishu , I will get your data as soon as I hop on to laptop , is that okay?

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This is your data for the period of Jan 1 to Jan 26 :)

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This is so interesting! :D

I have 34 Bros!
But I got in "early" on, I don't think I paid more than 4 hive for a token never :D

Then you are already in profits. Right now the value is 9 Hive so you are already 2x up + dividends. Would you like to know the data?

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Yes I am :D Not gonna sell anytime soon :D

Yes, if you pleases, that would be awesome


This is your dividends for the period of Jan 1 to Jan 26 :)

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Thanks for the stats. I would love to see my data. It would be great if you can host your tools somewhere. :)

I am thinking about it too actually . I recently heard about the heroku app which let's me use python. As soon as I find time I will do it :)

Regarding the data , is it okay if I send it to you once I hop on to my laptop ?

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Take your time. Not urgent. :)

Here is your data @khan.dayyanz


This is from 1st JAN to 1st FEB

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Thank you :)

You are most welcome :)

If you need any other data , don't hesitate to ask .

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