15th Februrary - Top 25 Engagers curation report - More delegations received in various tokens.

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Good morning to everyone , this is @amr008 here today to provide you the details of today's curation stats .

Ranks in various front-end

Note to caluclate upvote percentage - just do - (upvote / 100)









Total enagers in top 25

Leofinance2525Full/ No change
Ctptalk1722+5 :)
Sportstalksocial2021+1 :)
Stemgeeks17+ 6 :)

This is just amazing to see , I am sure this is not just because of this engagement project but it is amazing to see more people in various communities . Let's keep it going .

Upvoted accounts + links -


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink


AccountUpvote PercentagePermlink

Upvote value -

Right now upvote value for 100% upvote @ 100% RC is this -

Yesterday -

@amr008.leo - 0.033 LEO which is equal to 0.09 HIVE .

@amr008.ctp - 2.3 CTP which is equal to 0.9 HIVE .

@amr008.stem - 0.1 STEM which is equal to 0.012 HIVE.

@amr008.sports - 370 SPORTS which is equal to 0.15 HIVE .

Today -

@amr008.leo - 0.075 LEO which is equal to 0.146 HIVE .

@amr008.ctp - 2.3 CTP which is equal to 0.9 HIVE .

@amr008.stem - 1 STEM which is equal to 0.13 HIVE.

@amr008.sports - 855 SPORTS which is equal to 0.2736 HIVE .

Thanks to increased delegations we are able to provide upvote worth more than yesterday :)
Especially in SPORTS and LEO and STEM , there is huge increase in upvote value compared to yesterday :)


Total delegations -

Leo delegation: 893.025 LEO
CTP delegation: 11803.893 CTP
STEM delegation: 5794.267836 STEM
SPORTS delegation: 3055812.124 SPORTS









I can't thank you guys enough , thanks a lot for all the support .

If you want to delegate the tokens - here are the accounts - I will pay back 100% liquid rewards ( except LEO which will be powered up 50% and 50% will be given back ) to the delegators every week ( Sunday ) .

Leo - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports

My goal

I want to see all the 4 tribes have 25/25 in the top 25 spots . I want to bring people over by various methods ( I have a few ideas on mind) to bring them to various front-ends . My goal is as I stated again 25/25 in all 4 tribes .

Please provide your valuable feedback regarding the project

Feel free to ask any question in the comments , I will answer them all.


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I was slacking off a bit today and didn't do as much posting. Though I am surprised I am still on the list for some of the tribes. Looks like there are more people willing to use the different front ends.

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Well yes , right now we don't have much engagement on other fronts so even though we put little effort we will be able to get in top 25 . You can see that still in CTP , STEM and SPORTS we don't have 25 people at all .

Keep up the good engagement though :)

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Yea. I only made a few comments here and there today. I didn't have much time to search through the community so I was mainly looking at my feed today.

That's one of the things I am looking at . There are less chances on other frontends sometimes to find suitable topic to engage with .

So I am planning to start some threads like @leomarkettalk here on Leofinance but with respect to those particular community so that we can engage and talk everyday.

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Nice to see the curation accounts receiving delegations, I hope this continues.

Thanks @abh12345 . Once I pay the curation rewards to delegators on Sunday , I may attract more people because I won't take my cut. I will pay my portion to other delegators which will increase their earnings.

Btw what is your advice regarding posting the stats everyday ? Should I or shouldn't I ?

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I think now the project is up and running, it might be better to switch to a weekly update and a Sunday payout post?

You will be able to gauge interest on the daily posts and make a judgement there :)

I think that's the best way .
I might be able to post it on my app , so I will just upload it over there for those who want to check it out.

Also will leave a reply ( automatically ) to the comments which has been upvoted by the curation account with a link to the announcement post + telling them in 2 lines which rank they finished today and how much comments did they make, which might increase exposure . What are your thoughts about this?

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Congrats you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on STEMGeeks .
You made a total of 1 comments and talked to 1 different authors .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

I am eally glad ings are getting better with each day. Will you keep positing the stats daily or weekly. So to know and be able to keep track of things.

Keep up the good work

That's what I am thinking about too to be honest . This is daily engagement project but I don't want people to get tired of reading this lol .

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I don't think people often get tired of good stuff. This is a good way to get more awareness about what you're doing everyday.

I would really love to see it everyday. just in my own opinion

That sounds very good to me ;)
Until someone complains I will continue posting daily lol

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That's a good one keep it up. I don't think anyone should find it inappropriate....

You definitely triggered some engagement in no time !
Seems I've been outpaced here and there, I'll do better today ;)

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Hope so. Any ideas how we can bring people over and increase engagement ? ( I have some ideas too )

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Great project! I’m glad you found some sizable delegations, it should make a big impact.

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Thanks a lot @torrey.leo . True I am glad I found good delegations , I have some plans too to increase the delegation by providing some good APR . I will release the funds for delegators on Sunday so let's see if we can bring more delegators on board with that.

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Great project, thank you very much!

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You are most welcome @khazrakh . Thanks for stopping by . Keep up the good work by enaging with others. Let me know if you have any questions with respect to the project.

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Turns out that blockchain technology is perfect for the automation of reporting. This is really something one day I wish it can both replace git and at the same time provide monitoring, reporting and some form of automation against the above.

You are absolutely right.
I myself have thought about this many times . We often talk about how great hive is for bloggers , readers , gamers etc but we don't mention how great it is for developers and analysts.

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I think this is a really good projects and it gives even more incentives to engage even more :)

Thanks a ton @anderssinho . Really appreciate all the support .

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Man this is really amazing how you put this out. I believe it would be great to have a daily post about this engagement ranking.

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Thanks a lot @achim03 . One of the things that worry me is - what if people think this as a spam post lol .
What if they get tired of it and don't wanna see it. But it seems like people do love these posts / comments about engagement.

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I think it's a great way to check where you stand. It probably won't always be giving a lot of engagement but it's cool to be able to check.

What I would do is to post these reports from another account however. If people put autovotes on your posts, they won't want to upvote each of these reports. If you write them from another account, people can autovote this account if they like these reports and want to support your efforts.

That's a good suggestion. I get what you are telling.

I will utilize my other account for posting this and maybe reblog it using this account.

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Woo Hoo!

Well I am glad it made you happy :)

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Oh yeah.png

I am really glad to know about this tool and also to see that I made it on to the CTP list for engagements. I will strive to do better at engaging with people.

Great :) always happy to see good responses for the project.
Feel free to advice/suggest or share your opinions on how I can improve .

Keep on engaging , I will try to keep on rewarding. Thank you.

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This is a very good initiative
I can already see my engagement increased by a few folds 😀
Thanks a lot for the concept and to all the delegators for helping here

That's amazing. This is what this project is about. Go out there and increase your engagement , it won't be a waste because we will reward you.

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Thank you for doing this ... very much appreciated!

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Thanks a lot @hetty-rowan , happy to hear positive response :)

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Great addition to the Hive second layer. Beautiful stats. Good that I made it to the STS engagement list. I have been away for a few days. I'm back to up the engagement game here.

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Oh yes you are rocking in the sportstalk community.

Keep the engagement up , it inspires others too.

Congrats you were upvoted from this acount because you are in Top 25 engagers on Sportstalksocial .
You made a total of 7 comments and talked to 6 different authors .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

Great project and ty for mention.

You are most welcome. Keep engaging and contributing to the platform

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Wow, thanks for the recognition.

No problem:) Engagement is something that adds value to the platform so it's important to recognize it .

Keep engaging.

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Great project! Thank you very much!

Most welcome @silversaver888 keep up the good work.

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That quite some work!
I hope you continue to do it!

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For sure :) will keep on improving it as and when possible .

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.