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I am still learning, and trying to spot the value in all the Scot tokens. I made a good call on Leo in the early days and I am trying to see what else has good potential. My question may seem very silly to some but I am sure that the answer will also be helpful to others just getting started.

When I bring up the info on a token in Hive Engine It shows the supply. I can understand the Max, mean to the amount that can ever be but what exactly is the difference between Circulating and Total? Should these not be the same? Or is the Total showing extra tokens that were actually burned or something?

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Circulating is the amount of tokens in people's hands, total is the amount of tokens in people's hands + the tokens burned in the past. Max supply is the maximum that could have been printed ever.

This will probably make it more clear.

Thank you for your answer. This makes it much clearer. Steemgeeks appears to have a great Burn rate.

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