Can We Really Use Bone Conduction Headphones In Space.....?

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One of my friends ask me a question that "can we hear sound in Space?"
I answered him, No.

We cannot hear sound in Space because traveling sound needs a medium in which sound travels through the vibration of atoms and molecules. But in space, there is no air, no medium, so the sound has no way to travel in space

Then he asked me, "can we use Bone Conduction Headphones in Space?".
Answer is.............. No or Yes

First, what is Bone Conduction Headphone, and how BCH works?
Bone conduction headphones use the vibration of bones to transmitting sound, which makes BCH unique from traditional headphones. BCH sends a vibration to the bones in your inner ear. The sound from headphones bypasses the eardrum and relays sound directly to the inner ear. BCH is mostly used for medical purposes but normal people can also use it, in fact, BCH is very useful for cycling, running, during exercise, etc. You don't need to put them in your ears just place them behind your ears on your skull and enjoy the music.
And in the case of space, Yes, we can use BCH in space.
In space, we need a pressurized helmet for breathing so any headphones that would fit in the helmet can be used. Without a pressurized helmet you would die in space, so headphones that can work in space without a helmet would have no benefits. ;)

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