STEM Token | This is why I think STEM has Potential

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Hello Everyone

Do you think that technology is highly popular and one of the growing sectors worldwide? If you are reading my post then its because of technology as this Leofinance blogging platform is developed on the blockchain. I hope that I am right to say that technology is something that keeps evolving and growing and any investment in technology have a high chance to grow.

STEM is a tier 2 token on Hive and its website is
This is found by @themarkymark and I got to know about STEM one month back. I have been watching the STEM token market and the amount of action in this tribe platform.


I have started buying the tokens as well as posting in the platform. I read various blogs about technology and eager to know what's happening in the tech world. Although STEM means- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math but I am more into the technology out of these 4 segments.

Here is the price chart of the STEM tokens in Hive Engine its trading at the price of 0.20 HIVE right now.


I see more potential in the STEM tribe and started my work here on this platform as well. There are some tokens having huge potential and in my opinion, STEM is also one. I have not decided on any particular goal for STEM that I want to achieve yet but I have started on this in the last of 2020 but in 2021 I must be having better staking of STEM tokens.


Looking at the current market in HE selling is happening and I simply follow a rule that when more people sell then I buy and vice versa. I have purchased some tokens already and also placed orders at different prices.

I also have open orders and waiting for orders to get fulfilled. I just don't buy 100% in one go rather I prefer to buy at different price levels.


Hive is a growing platform and some tier 2 tokens are so great that I believe is the right time to enter now if not entered before. These days I am spending time studying some of the tokens. I already hold Leo, CTP, and working for STEM now. I am also planning to pick some other tokens that I will be sharing later.

So this is my plan with STEM and I am hopeful that in the year 2021 along with Hive I will also have quite a good number of tier 2 tokens.

(images are taken from Hive-Engine)

Thank you so much

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What is their mission? How do they plan to get more people on board or keep the token value? What's the economy behind it?

They're encouraging users to write about science, mathematics, technology and math. Their economy is quite good as they burn the tokens earned through curation. For more details please check Out the pinned post on home page. Thanks

I think it will hit close to parity with hive somewhere in 2021

Yes. I also have the same thought and that's why working to increase my stake.

You are absolutely right . This is why I constantly buy STEMM .

Yeah. Thank you