The Shrine Dome is Adorned with Over 1200 Kilograms of Pure Gold.

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Gold and Silver are mostly used in different religions such as in Islam it has more demand. Which shows that these metals are also special for the religious purpose. These metals have special meaning and significance in some religions and they give it a high priority.


Just like in Islam the largest amount of #gold and #silver are used on the Imam Hussain Shrine Dome. The whole dome is fitted with pure gold and according to the research more than 1200 Kilograms of pure gold is used for its construction.

This shrine is located in Iraq but its strange that they use such large amounts of Gold. Because its poor country and they cant afford such expense. After some research I get to the points that these golds are gifted by Iranian government for the sake of religion.


The question is why that amount of #GOLD is used over the dome is that they have believe that those people who are highly spiritual and a great personality must be covered their dome with Gold. Gold is the sign of purity and beauty and they believe that these metals must be used for greatest personality that passed in the history.


They show respect and honor to the Imam Hussein which is the grandson of Prophet Mohammad. One of the other reasons that have fitted huge amount of Gold to show stunning visual to the visitors. And to make believe the visitors that this shrine is of great personality which is given much respect.

Now, lets talk about the current price of 1200 KG gold. In my country the price of pure Gold for 1KG is around 17lac Ruppes. Now if calculating 1200*17lac=20400000 Rupees. That really a huge amount and this can be a huge money for a country to pays her debts.

It can be guessed that how important is that Shrine for the Muslims which they invested Millions of Dollars worth pure gold for covering the dome. What you people think about this huge invested pure gold and do you think there are other such religious beauties which have that amount of Gold fitted?

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Have you noticed that all around the world, in all religions, the old buildings' roofs, domes, often towers, too are all covered by some kind of precious metals. It cannot be a coincidence.

Personally, I believe in the 'conspiracy theories', Tesla, ether connections. These buildings were not (only) religious buildings, but kinda power stations to harvest ether free energy and store, distribute.

If you dig in it, it is much more than conspiracy theory. Especially, that nowadays, in the modern world, they can't, don't want to build similar buildings, nowhere in the world. Meantime they even have much more precious metals, too.

I don't know you read the Clinton letters or not, that's a lot, but it includes scinetific, archeology, geology, architectural history reports, directly written to the 'top', 'elite' from your region... interesting, at least... :)

You are quite right, the old religious buildings are covered by with gold's or other precious metals. The recent buildings are no more going to be covered with such precious metals.

But if I talk about shia islam religious places, if they build dome they will surely construct with precious metals.

I hope you understand 😁

Actually, I was interested in it years ago. What is behind the 'leaders' centuries long lies.

As west destroyed within, they dont build churches anymore. So checked muslim world, well, they build nice mosques, however without precious metals - at least never on domes, towers. Why? (Even the richest muslim countries, like Quatar. Or I'd suppose if they build 1 of the largest in Egypt, they will spend for it. Nope!)

Why? Because these don't have function anymore. The precious metals are the best energy conductors, they had function in the past.
And not important, you look at an Asian, European, African or South American (even Australian) old city center, you find the same structure, domes, antennas (towers), storage facilities (mostly hidden as triumphial arches, like one of the most famous in Paris). Nowadays, most of them used for religious or gov purposes.

That's why they used precious metals. Not much to do with any religion.

Anyway, i did not take attention to different kind of muslim, however just checked now.
I did not see difference, they don't use precious metals for newly build ones, nowhere!

If I am wrong, and you know new ones with precious metals covered domes, towers all around the building, built in 20-21st century let me know, I am interested in that.

Anyway, they lie about so many things, pretty much about everything, all around the world, why this one would be the exception... the only thing I am really interested in regarding this, how could they worldwide organize huge lies (what became 'history') centuries ago...

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