How I Got a ChatGPT Account while being in an Unsupported Country?

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My country, Libya, isn't supported by OpenAI, so I couldn't get into the hype of ChatGPT even though I wanted to.

I wanted to use this phenomenal Artificial intelligence since I first heard about it late 2022. I tried to sign up multiple times, but even when I used a VPN service, I couldn't get past the Phone Number screen.

The other day, I looked up some ways to use ChatGPT while being in one of the unsupported countries. While I found the list of alternatives a bit compelling, I found a better way to join: Combining VPN with a paid Phone Number.

I joined PingMe which had an option specifically ChatGPT verification. All you have to do is to register an account there and get a phone number in one of the supported countries. You'll use the number given to you to register on ChatGPT. It's not free though...

While I needed to recharge the account with $1, the message itself cost me less than $0.70 cents, so I guess it was cheap, especially compared to what I got out of it!!

I tested ChatGPT for various things over the past two days. Including asking it about ways to earn money online and creating a code that converts Markdown to PDF files. Which worked! I also had fun asking it to give me unusual facts about random things!

What do you think?

To be honest, it's so terrifying what ChatGPT can do... I know it does make mistakes, but I haven't noticed any that I can confirm. I even tried to correct it once, and it told me why my information was completely wrong! (If you're interested in knowing more about this ask in the comments.)

I don't think I'll make ChatGPT write articles for me, but I might use it as a help from now on. This is a tool that I don't think we should waste as long as AI didn't replace us in the workplace yet.

  • First image is drawn by me. Second image is a screenshot of one of ChatGPT responses to my prompts.
  • This article is also on

I like reading AI things that I have prompted, not sure if I would ever use it though.
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It's amazing what it can do. I did start noticing some things it mixes up when I ask about. !LUV

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Try brave browser it's a web3 app with Tor built in to spoof location

I use Brave, but I don't use the Tor functionality of it... I use an external VPN for that. Think that I should if I already use a VPN?

But doesn't Tor change your country all the time? I'll still need an SMS number of one of the supported countries anyway.

Have some !PIZZA with !LUV for the idea.

Internet lockdown here we are😂 even in Louisiana you now need KYC for porn sites. They must be able to always track you IRL or Digitally lol I don't even carry a phone anymore I don't need a spy in my pocket.

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I have tried to jump on it a couple of days but I realised Hong is not supported… I will see the way you describe here.
It looks as an amazing and magic tool.

Thank you for sharing!

Tell us if the method worked for you.~

Let’s see!
Thanks 🙏

I am just getting to know what ChatGPT is from your post and I can see the work it does. I think it's a useful tool especially for writers who would want the best. After the challenge you had, you finally got a great tool to help you.
I found your post through #dreemport

Yes, it's very useful, you can see what I did for writing in my next post: "I Asked the AI to Extract Themes from My Story!"

I probably won't use it to write articles for me (for ethical reasons), but I'll probably use it to help create them!


Congratulations on finally testing it out, it's a great tool, I use it for some quick research and it is quite helpful, it saves you a lot of time that would be spent reading numerous articles.


Yes, and you can even ask it questions to connect 2 topics of research.

What's that image you put in your comment? The link doesn't work for me.

Yeah, it's really cool.The image is an ad, I'm testing out a new model of monetizing to see how it could maybe compete with adsense type advertiments that requires one to have a website.

Since this doesn't, it could be quite lucrative long term, but I doubt the revenues would be high, at the end of the day, it depends on the advertisers needs.

So, I should earn crypto if you click on it :)

As for the link not working for you, having clicked it myself to see what's behind upon testing, I'd say it does occasionally appear as if it were broken. Not sure if that's the case with you or GEO blocking but the link is actually fine.

This is what I see when I click it, happened 3 times so far:

Are you currently on VPN? it could have something to do with that or simply your location.

Because here's what I see on first and second click, two different ads.



Oh, yeah... I forgot, I was on VPN. (Because I still had ChatGPT open in another tab.) It worked when I disabled the VPN for a few minutes.

So, does this pay you in crypto? If so, I might be interested in it myself. !PIZZA

It's a ad network, just like adsense, the difference is this ad type isn't offered by google adsense. They call it "Direct Links" which were solely created so people with social accounts with a loyal audience can monetize their contents.

Here's a referral link if you wish to sign up. Since you asked if they pay, I'm only just testing it, but if you earn enough, minimum withdrawal is 100 USD for crypto. If you have a huge social presence it should be easy.

I looked at my dashboard to see if your click was recorded and I noticed the CPM(Cost per mile) for your location Lybya is $0.054 meaning that every 1000 impressions gets me $0.054 if the impressions are from people based in Libya, if I get clicks from people in the Estonia for example I'd get about $0.88. The numbers differ depending on the ad displayed and the location of those clicking.

If you do sign up, choose publisher then go to direct links, generate a link, wait for some minutes, it will be approved, copy it and use it as you wish, I decided to embed mine under images to make them friendly and appear as spam. I'm personally going to test it for a long period of time and see how it goes.

Oh, it's Aadsterra, I belive I registered an account on it last year... But if I didn't manage to find it, I'll register under your referral. (Didn't know they had this way of monetizing.)



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The ChatGPT is very helpful because when I research some of my homeworks the answer of website is detailed and specific

Yes! Be careful when you do it for homework or work though, it's right 99% of the time, but it can make mistakes, so make sure to verify the information yourself when you can don't blindly follow it.


Yes I used for reference but I can't copy all the answers in ChatGPT

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Yeah, you won't find problems asking ChatGPT about anything that's a known fact, it becomes a problem when it's too vague or too specific. (Like asking him about relationships between "niche" fictional characters. It gave me wrong answers 20% of the time.)