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RE: The counterfeit chain

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Love the security of crypto! But like anything that's early there are more risks out there but these should be gradually reduced over time.

Your post reminded me of the time I received a fake 5$ bill from a convenient store. I didn't notice until later that day and found it rather amusing. I kind of always assumed the clerk know he was dumping a fake bill on me.

That said all of our money is now polymer here in Canada, much harder to fake but still possible.

Best of luck with your renovations!

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When I was a kid, an American "tourist" tried to swap me a $100 US for a 20 AUD, as he "really needed the money" and there was no place to change it in the small town.

Umm... no thanks.

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Haha yeah I think that falls into the "too good to be true" category ..

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