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RE: NOW is the Perfect Time & THIS is the Perfect Place: Hive

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Seriously, there are so many different ways to accumulate tokens right now that every single person interested in this site should be reading every post they can and making comments or asking questions. You don't need anything at all to make money other than effort. Proof of Brain at it's finest.

That's an awesome mentality!

We're mid bull run with great gains seemingly still on their way for the foreseeable future. Exciting times! I've got some thoughts kicking around in my head for a post on earning crypto through "proof of brain" techniques so might write something up later today.

You're absolutely right there's lots of opportunities to acquire coins through active and passive work. Still require our time, but like most things that we create that has value, it requires some quality inputs. Funny enough HIVE just passed 35 cents..

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HIVE just passed 35 cents..

Yes, my timing has been good on these. lol I just wrote the one on LEO at 70 cents. Granted we all knew there was news coming but, almost 50% in a few days. Hopefully we see the same here. Although, personally, I would like to load up some more bags so if it chills for a while longer, that wouldn't hurt my feelings. Doesn't look like that's going to happen though. Too much coming down the pike....

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